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Saturday, 15-03-1997
The Business Plan Instituto Cervantes. This can certainly be sold in Britain. Enclosed you find the Trade marks examination report Ref: 2119738 of The Patent Office and Citation against trade mark No. 2119738. The trade marks examination report states:

'There is an objection under Section 5(2) because there is a likelihood of confusion with the following earlier mark(s):- 1499001

Full details can be found in the enclosed computer printout(s).
There is an objection under Section 3(6) because the specification is so wide that there is some doubt about the accuracy of the statement on the application form that the applicant is using, or intends to use, the mark on all the goods/services applied for. The goods/services should therefore be (listed by name and) restricted, or documents or other information supplied to show that the specification accurately describes the range of goods/services for which the mark is used, or proposed to be used.' The citation against trade mark No.2119738 by the Spanish Instituto Cervantes of Alcalá de Henares gives as the specification of Goods and/or Services: 'Teaching of Spanish language; teacher's training; organising and conducting of teachers' tests; arranging and conducting of exhibitions, all relating to education and culture; publication of educational texts; production of educational videos; all included in Class 41' The same citation also states: 'Registration of this mark shall give no right to the exclusive use of the words
"Instituto Cervantes". This means that all complementary activities will be possible in Britain under my or our Instituto Cervantes Label. At this very moment I received enclosed letter of Elizabeth with the message 'We discussed your proposal this week with attention and profundity. It seems to us that you have nice and good ideas. However: we made for de Baak already the necessary choices concerning product development and concerning commitments with other organizations or persons in the Netherlands and abroad. Your plan unfortunately can not be adapted or inserted. Nevertheless we do wish you a lot of success with the realisation of your plans'.

On the first place I am very happy with this 'letter of reconciliation' and recognize her practical problem. The idea I launched last Wednesday is a new idea that probably needs more time to mature. The basic idea of my Instituto Cervantes remains activities on Management Level in collaboration with the Spanish employer's organization Confederación Española de Organizaciones Empresariales and I will propose to Elizabeth to count with the new idea within their future plans. Probably I can make a start in collaboration with Henley and will work out a list of goods/services as requiered in the Trade Marks Examination Report. The experienced and schooled person is Mr Dirk Tuin of enclosed article 'Talen weer boven de horizon?'. He is a good advisor and I will invite him for a conversation. I paid a reward to the children who built up my wall and sent a reaction to ING Bank concerning a pathetic story that I received today.

The most important issue is my definitive decision of the selling of my house on the first of June. This means the alternative must be ready then. I herewith request your support. I requested an appointment to a view of Walcote House on Friday the 25th of April. The day before I should like to visit Henley Management College. Queen Beatrix opened yesterday the renovated Fries Museum in Leeuwarden. The museum contains a beautiful portrait of Joost Hidde Halbertsma (Grouw 1789 - Deventer 1869).

With great interest I read the article 'We love Wills' in The Sun of today, about the way some girls look at William. This way I am getting to learn him a little better. I also read that you visited Charter Nightingale hospital. The same time I visited Nightingale Street 28, where I started my Institute in collaboration with the Institute of English Studies in 1979. This weekend you are visiting your brother in South Africa. I should like to know him. Some years ago my Director Mr. H. Lulofs advised me to go to work in South Africa. I could not follow his suggestion because I still had to solve a problem in the Netherlands. Perhaps in the future I will have the occasion to fly to Cape Town once. First of all I must dedicate myself to the coming tasks in Britain. I pointed already in my agenda: APRIL 23, ETON COLLEGE, Mr. Lewis.


INSTITUTO CERVANTES BENELUX is legally registered at the Benelux Trade Registrar under deposit numbers 0508277 and 843323 in class 41: education, trainings and courses and is a tradename of the Foundation Cervantes Benelux in Nijmegen, registered under number 41211928 of the Chamber of Commerce of Amsterdam (IBAN: NL91INGB0004729266 BIC: INGBNL2A). Instituto Cervantes Limited is registered for England and Wales under Company No. 3300636 at Companies House, Cardiff.

INSTITUTO CERVANTES BENELUX está legalmente depositado como marca comercial en el registro de marcas del Benelux-Bureau voor de Intellectuele Eigendom bajo los números de depósito 0508277 y 843323 en clase 41: educación, enseñanza y cursos y es un nombre comercial de la Fundación Stichting Cervantes Benelux en Nimega, inscrito bajo número 41211928 de la Cámara de Comercios en Amsterdam (IBAN: NL91INGB0004729266 BIC: INGBNL2A). Instituto Cervantes Limited is registered for England and Wales under Company No. 3300636 at Companies House Cardiff.

INSTITUTO CERVANTES BENELUX is als handelsmerk wettig gedeponeerd bij het Benelux Bureau voor de Intellectuele Eigendom onder depotnummers 0508277 en 843323 in klasse 41: onderwijs, opleidingen en cursussen en is een handelsnaam van de Stichting Cervantes Benelux te Nijmegen, ingeschreven onder nummer 41211928 van de Kamer van Koophandel te Amsterdam (IBAN: NL91INGB0004729266 BIC: INGBNL2A). Instituto Cervantes Limited is registered for England and Wales under Company No. 3300636 at Companies House, Cardiff.