Wednesday 15-01-97 Letter to best friend. Admired you on the front page of ‘The Mirror’ and ‘de Telegraaf’. Read the book ‘The Rules’ about ‘Mr. Right’. The contents is obvious. Phone call with B.P. Homeleasing: planning January-March: Netherlands; April-September: Britain; October-December: USA. Mrs M.J. van Koppen will do her utmost to rent my house from April. Continuous helicopter survey above my house. Jogging. 14.15 Phone call from 1art hop d’Overvloed in Oss  where I bought my Christmas presents for you and de Baak. They will visit me next Sunday 14.00. 18.00: Answering machine message: Marcel Gasseling, Coopers & Lybrandt Management Consultants in order to discuss the solution for business. 18.40 TV Karin in yellow helped by Spanish Consuelo. Theme: control of the company. Good frame of reference. Reflected about some things I would like to know, e.g. experiences with Dr Allan Mc Glashan about dreams interpretation. Experiences in the Marivent Palace in Mallorca. My letters from Juan Alfonsín. Remarks of Angela Serota. What was your vision and what is that now? Bar talk at the tennis court. Your photograph on page 7 of The Sun of Yesterday under ‘Sun is a jeanius for royal stories’ is the most noble expression I ever saw. I still need some time to get that same expression back.