Manor Court Hotel, 35 Courtfield Gardens, London SW5 0PJ. Earls Court, 18 April 1997 Dear Diana, I like to relate you the experiences of this morning. I went jogging through Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. At the statue of Peter Pan I met two nice Spanish boys from Málaga and told them that I am Cervantes. I tried to follow a girl with a green shirt, but then I realised that my condition still is very bad. I will try to improve that the next coming days at Earls Court Gym. Jogging from Hyde Park to Kensington Park I realised that the Family in Kensington Palace must have been neighbours of the Family Hyde. So I went to the Oranjery of Your Palace and there I took an important decision. As from now I want You to be Head of my organization. We can count on the support of the Dutch Government as You can see regarding the photograph of the Government Game. The Minister of Finances is still looking a little worried, but that situation will be improved very soon. I hope to see you next Tuesday. Yours, John Hyde. Given at St. James’s Palace. London 18-04-1997. Encl. Government Game Competitie: Regeren is vooruitzien! (Reigning is looking forward)