Tuesday, 29-04-1997 I decided to see Mr Rhodes and to write a letter to the Reverend Mr David Brindley. Yesterday I spoke with Lady Marianne Lea and afterwards with Mr Thornton of St. Mary’s Church and in the afternoon I went back to Stratford. I asked permission to the manager of the Information office to take a photograph of your picture that was hanging there because you had opened that office a few years ago. In Will’s Place at The Falcon Hotel I went to celebrate the final of my mission on that day and made a notice of the chairman of the Stratford’s Lions: Mr Bob Basson and had dinner at IJ’s, 21-23 Sheep Street, where I was served by a boy from Monaco with the name Christophe. Now you are my first concern. I was told that the Earl of Warwick died recently and I asked myself if I could not become his successor. All ingredients are there! So I visited Lord Leycester Hospital and authorized Mr Rhodes to take notice of my letter to Mr Brindley. I think he is a very good priest.