Wednesday, 30-04-1997 Today some things went wrong. In Cambridge – where I ended yesterday evening at King’s College – this morning I had a little accident. But in Oxford Street I was happy to see your photograph with the red rose that reminded me of the fifth rose that I proposed myself to search for after having had a glass of Four Roses de Bourbon in De Engelenburg  after having visited Palace Het Loo. So I sent you that card from The Leicester Arms in Warwick Street in London and posted it in Regent Street. With my head in the clouds I took the wrong train to Paris instead of Brussels. Nevertheless I hope to become Earl of Warwick. That depends for a great deal on Madame Tussaud’s. 17.38 Continental time The Eurostar runs on the deepest level of the Eurotunnel now. This means to me a historical moment within the integration process of the European Union. In Oxford Street I asked a seller of British flags to sell more European flags, because Britain belongs to our family. This is a historical moment, just before the British elections. I followed the developments with great interest these days. The cause of my accident in Cambridge this morning was that I was listening too concentrated to the statements of Mr Major on BBC4 as a matter of fact. Yesterday I also visited King’s Lynn near Sandringham, to taste the atmosphere of the land where you were born.