Sunday, 4-05-1997 I wrote a letter to the new British Prime Minister with the following text: Congratulations. I make a review of the messages that I consider important and which I found in the press as from 17 April. Crown Prince Willem Alexander doubts about marriage with Emily. Emily is from here. The Spanish queen rises somewhat earlier, about crowned asparragus. Sentimental journey. Prince Bernhard in Paris. Have a chat afterwards in Dwingeloo. John Languages guide again. Chirac asks support for Nieuw Elan. Show goes on says brave Di on Tuesday, April 22, 1997. We have been asked to point out Princess Diana’s restaurant meetings, reported in yesterday’s Sun, were in connection with her work for the British Heart Foundation  and Dr Hasnat Khan did not attend”. I am very happy to read this and congratulate you with the white rose this time under the name The Princess of Wales. You look stunning indeed and I am very happy for you. The photograph was probably taken at the moment that I inspected the security measures at KP. The combination of white and blue brings me back to the Perfect Combinations showed in the display windows of Kurt Geiger in Regent Street. Very well done. Contours EMU visible. Contours of England, Wales and Stratford-upon-Avon. Alexander says ‘I will’. Emily was specifically charmed by the colour of vanilla. Vanilla is the colour of my envelopes. London whole morning in the grip of IRA. I understand the problem very well. We enjoyed Emily’s success. About the Secret of Huis ten Bosch. Without a strong girl crown prince will be nowhere. Willem Alexander, icon of his generation. Alexander’s ‘silent’ love for Emily”. Alexander celebrates third crown year with family and Emily. She is wearing a red jacket. Modern sovereign changes sword for golfclub. Prince Filip aspires to kingship. Spanish princess – Cristina – marries handball player. Maastricht disappointed about cancelling Eurotop. The possible location will be Noordwijk as been told by Foreign Minister Van Mierlo. British electors give their confidence to Blair. Tony Blair. Socialist of the ‘Scottish Eton. EU has informal top in Noordwijk. In that EU-Top the new British Prime Minister will participate for the first time”. Britains cheer for Blair. Beatrix: Alexander’s engagement will be on the 14th of July! John Mc Cook wearing the clothes of the King of England. Let’s Grow. Year’s our Rose of ’97. The warm salmon pink flowers will make their debut at the Chelsea Flower Show later this month. MY asparagus is growing well. Essex grower Ken Muir has all-male F1 hybrid Beatrix crowns in cold store. And of course I read all the articles about the new British government. The article of Willem-Alexander’s engagement mentions three possible brides: Emily Bremers from the Holy Land Foundation, Princess Victoria of Sweden and Princess Sayako from Japan. Last Sunday I met in Warwick Castle an Englishman speaking fluently Japanese to a Japanese lady. It reminded me of the course in Japanese that in 1981 was given by Mr Richard Lewis, director of Linguarama UK, after my French-Spanish Institute had been converted into Linguarama Netherlands. Mr Lewis had learned his Japanese at the Imperial Court of Japan. The Japanese speaking gentleman in Warwick Castle suddenly directed himself to me to ask me what play was performed that day by the Royal Shakespeare Company. I could not give him an answer and told him that I still had to go to Stratford the following day. About 6 o’clock the waiter of the Crown Hotel gave me the number 14. I think Victoria will be the lucky one and Emily and Sayako will be the witnesses of our personal developments.