Monday, 5-05-1997 I had also a review of the horoscopes of the past three weeks and recognized a lot of features. Because of that I start to take it up again because of the great value it will have for the Government Game. I think in this aspect of ┬áMr Cottrell of Nat West and Mr and Mrs Blair whom Mr Kok is going to visit this week. I will send a Fax message to Mr Kok on this occasion. I think I do not need to visit Mr Cottrell together with you because I gave you my written authorization to act on my behalf in my certified letter (number SP 6187 3291 2GB) delivered at the post office of Lower Regent Street on 18 April. ‘Different behaviour and solism is not appreciated by anyone. Dress yourself conservatively for a solemn meeting.’ I look at some photographs that I took on 21 April in Kensington High Street at 9.55 of a lady wearing a red and purple wig, a black jacket, a red skirt, purple stockings and a bunch of keys. She is a key figure. The same day I had a sandwich in the bar Subgarden just opposite Earls Court Gym. A girl asked me if I were a paparazzo and I declared her ‘on the contrary’. The following day I bought in the shop Wedding in Kensington High Street a CD with the title Sing we at Pleasure – Tudor Madrigals – Sung by Cambridge Voices – Directed by Ian Moore. Also the Lady in Red of Henley has my attention and The Wizard of Gos in Kensington Square W.8. I hope you will be convinced of my sincere motives. Scorpio: ‘People around you sometimes have the impression that you want to be the cock of the walk. By slowing down you will put their heart at rest.’ That’s true. I have no other choice but need the support of everyone now. I have the impression that Dutch hispanists are willing to do so regarding enclosed ‘Verslag van de jaarvergadering’ (Report of the Annual Meeting) of the Spanish section of the Association of Teachers in Foreign Languages, presided by Jan Peter Nauta. The report mentions that I offer my support to Mrs Pauline Roffel in favour of her magazine Redoble. I want Mrs Roffel to form the staff of editors of the magazine Cervantes as mentionned in my Business Plan. ‘Ask your bookkeeper if certain holiday plans can be realized without making debts’. I noticed that Mr Franssen of ING did not yet react on my fax message of 21 April. I sent him a reminder. I need now Return on Investment, otherwise I will not be able to think of another holiday. I am going to Lucaya to have a rest. With kind regards. Yours Truly. P.S. The copyshop does not work this week because of liberation day, but I will send you some more images of my journey next week. Virgo is not represented in the horoscope today.