Concerns: LETTERS TO DIANA PRINCESS OF WALES Reference: ICNBLEW/Harrods971007. Dear Mr Al Fayed, Herewith I have the Honour to send the Certificate of Incorporation of the Limited Company Instituto Cervantes England and Wales of which I am the owner. In April of this year I delegated my authorities for this company to Princess Diana intending to make it a family company Van der Heyden/Spencer Holding Limited as from last 28 September. If the fatal accident in Paris had not happened I had made Her Empress of the European Union on a complete legal basis as I dispose of the legal right to use the name Instituto Cervantes in the Benelux, becoming a collaboration-partner of the Spanish Government. Although the life of your son is to be regretted, the loss of My Lady is not to be calculated in money. Nevertheless I think it would be wise if you are going to participate in my company now, that I am going to dedicate to Princess Diana. I will start with the publishing of my book Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales of which you already find some quotations on the backside of the Certificate, (to be) published by Cervantes Editions, another new company within the Cervantes Project. The development of the company reaches now the following fases: 1. Formation Council of Governors (Raad van Bestuur) 2. Formation Council of Commissionars (Raad van Commissarissen) 3. Attraction Venture Capitalists/shareholders 4. Start up business units 5. Opening and Governance bank account 66834465 at NatWest Kensington/Folkestone 6. Decision about European Cervantes Foundation: Collaboration Treaty with Spanish namesake (to be delegated) As I have to solve the problem of the unexpected loss in Great Britain I authorized the management of the Management Centre of the Dutch Employers’ Organization VNO-NCW to act legally on behalf of the Foundation Cervantes Benelux, Instituto Cervantes Benelux and Instituto Cervantes Limited England and Wales. I read that you are planning to sell the estate of the Dukes of Windsor in Paris. I seriously advise you to invest the profit of the transaction in Our Company that I will remain posthumously also on the name of Princess Diana. Enclosed you find some passages out of the manuscript of my book. I noticed that you like to obtain the British citizenship. As a part of the Treaty of Amsterdam – for which I am partly responsible – a European citizenship will be introduced. When you decide to participate in The Company I will see to it that you will get that citizenship. That will be more interesting than a British one. Then I will come to live in England. Yours Sincerely, INSTITUTO CERVANTES, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and Wales, J.L. Van der Heyden, Enclosed: Business Plan Instituto Cervantes Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and Wales on floppy disk ‘ClarisWorks’ (Macintosh); Quotations from Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales. Wednesday 13-08-1997 You can get the love of your people back by stating: There is a secret plan to solve the problem of our monarchy. Therefore I needed the support of Mr Al Fayed. I also needed a secret place to discuss the plans. Mr Al Fayed was so kind and gentle to promise me his personal support that I expressed him my sincere gratitude the way it appeared in the press.’ This is the only solution to solve your problem, Diana. Thursday 14-08-1997 ‘Look what’s in store if John and Di say I do’. I would invite amongst others: King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, Crown Prince Felipe of Spain, Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus, Princess Margiet of Orange and Mr Pieter Van Vollenhoven, Prince Willem Alexander and Miss Emily Bremers, Prince Filip of Belgium, Prince Henry of Luxemburg, Mr José María Aznar and Mrs Ana Botella de Aznar, Mr and Mrs Kok, Mr and Mrs Blair, Mr Hans van den Broek, Mr Hans Blankert, Mrs Liesbeth Halbertsma and Mr Bart Heinrichs, Mr Hans van Mierlo, Mr Jo Ritzen, Mrs Els Borst, Mr Jozias van Aertsen, Mrs Annemarie Jorritsma, Mr Joris Voorhoeve, Mr Hans Wijers, Mr Ad Melkert, Mr Jan Pronk, Mr Gerrit Zalm, Mrs Winnie Sorgdrager, Mr Hans Dijkstal, Mr W.J. (Wim) Deetman, Prof. Dr. W. Derksen, Mr E. Heerma, Mr L.M.L.H.A. Hermans, Prof. dr. S.K. Kuipers, Mrs L.B.M. van Maaren-van Balen, Mr H.G. Ouwerkerk, Mr S. Patijn, Mr P. Rosenmöller, Mrs. E.G. Terpstra, Mr. J. Wallage, Mr G.J. Wolffensperger, Mr Ed Nijpels, Mr George Görtemöller, Our children. That’s a start of 50 persons. They can not all have a place in the Anglican Chapel, but I noticed that your agenda is empty for the second half of August and you will remain at KP. So that can be completely filled up with the organization of this event. Monday 18-08-1997 I have a new limerick. It’s called again ‘Vision’:When William and Mary went together, They saved Britain and Holland from bad weather, As from today in the future In our countries there will not be a malicious creature When Diana and John get together. P.S. Red colours very well in the heather. Wednesday 27-08-1997  Sent enclosed letter to Balmoral Castle: Honourable Proposal. Friday 29-08-1997 At 18.30 Continental time I sent next fax message to Mr Mohamed Al Fayed: ‘Dear Mr Al Fayed, This fax message is to inform that I offer your son a 49% participation in the Family Company ‘Van der Heyden/Spencer’ to be founded. This will be the best solution for the education of Prince William as a future European Sovereign.” Then I went to the fitness. I met a man from Bombay, India. He was very well acquainted with Mother Teresa. Afterwards I went to the pub ‘King Arthur’. Sunday 31-08-1997 I trust in Your Brother Charles and hope to meet him very soon. Then I went to The Hague and had a ring at the House of Prince Willem Alexander next to Palace Noordeinde to look for a condolence registrar. I was advised to go to the British Embassy and there I left my letter with the text: “Dear Diana I Love You Still, Rest in Peace”. This is to read for Your Brother, because Your Body has gone, But Your Spirit is still alive and that will always be. I will finish The Job and You will always remain in my Heart. Monday 1-9-1997 No horoscope today. I sent an In Memorian to Our Queen in a fax message and the Management of de Baak. The last words: IN MEMORIAM Lady Diana Frances Spencer, Princess Of Wales, My Royal Highness, Our Queen of Hearts, Head Of My Organization, Utrecht, 1 September 1997, CC De Baak NOORDWIJK. Bijlage: ‘My Lady’. NOUS MAINTIENDRONS. JOHANNES L. VAN DER HEYDEN. Today I received a little statue of an angel carrying a red candle and a so called mistery present representing a peacock caring for three mushrooms from which two are broken down. My intuition tells me that this present must have a deep significance. It makes me think of a dear Lady and the broken hearts of two children who have my deepest concern. I think a lot of them. I hope it gives them some consolation and it will be a symbol of the new light. Tonight I will light the candle. I’m solving a financial temporary problem, but I hope you will be able to come. The business plan I’m translating myself. I will bring it with me and come by train. Afterwards I will stay with you if you wish and follow you to England. In your country I can be appointed Earl. We had some more earls in our family, for example Karel (1749-1826), Senator in the Imperial Court of Napoleon in Paris (1810). Now I only can be called Sir. That would be a final solution of my personal problem and perhaps of yours as well. This would also be the end of a new fairy tale and a new chapter of the Bold and the Beautiful. There’s only one problem: I’m ugly. Yours, Peter Pan. Concerns: Core Business. In due course you need no heart surgeon anymore. After having reached a business agreement we can share our experiences. I will do the utmost to make it a success. So let it happen. You looked wonderful in New York. Mr Mac Knight has done a very good job. Please watch your health. Your Knight. The real one. Date: 28 December 1996. Concerns: Decision. If we can reach a business agreement I will marry you. If not, I will marry you too. If you want. Yours. I can inform that the continuity of British Monarchy has my Supreme Concern as a member of the oldest noble family of this continent that produced every Royal House in Our Continent. I am still prepared to marry the mother of Prince William. I have no problem with Her temporary relationship with Mr Al Fayed in order to raise a financial participation in the Business Plan Instituto Cervantes Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and Wales. “No wedding says Diana” ‘A seance? No, we visited the sick’. I noticed that you visited a clairvoyant and Harrods brought a special delivery to KP in the colours of the Institute of English Studies. Nice of them. My competitor/concolleague in Madrid is the King of Spain. But perhaps you know the text of our national anthem: ‘The King of Spain I have always honoured’. This song was written by Marnix van Sint Aldegonde, a close friend of William of Orange and Gaspar van der Heyden, the founder of the Nether-Dutch Church and fellow founder of the State of the Netherlands. He descended from the oldest noble family of Europe. It’s a pity for Mr Dodi that he has not the high noble standards that I have. And now their faces are purple as heather. I think Mr Peter Jones, from West Horsley, Surrey has got the message. To be continued, but on a professional basis.” Finally I have your sizes 5ft 10in and 36-24-36. Now I can buy you a red and orange dress. In April I visited the wedding dress department at Harrods. We call this ‘learning by experience’ in management terms. ULTIMATE CHALLENGE: SOLVING THE CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS IN THE ‘UNITED KINGDOM’ I have your best interest at heart. With Love. 28 August A historical day. Welcome home again. It means to you a year of freedom. To me a year of new inspiration. A year of a new relationship with Britain. A new starting point. A new process. Forgetting Spain and Spanish for a while and concentrating on England and English. I look back with a great sense of satisfaction. I have learned to know you in a year. First by bying two books of Andrew Morton. Then newspapers in which I followed you and learned to know your world. As you stepped out of the royal household, I got into, although out of a humble atmosphere. You have been my inspiration to change. You inspired me to celebrate Christmas in the cradle of our royal family. You inspired me to found a new company in Britain with a world wide known name. You inspired me to invest all my money in a new relationship. You were – and still are – my invisible manager, the new partner on the other side of the sea. I learned a lot during the last year. First of all I learned to improve my English. I got new ideas, new thoughts and noticed that they are the same as yours. I even adapted your pronunciation after having seen and heard the video tape of your visit to Angola. I consider you as my spiritual sister or better: spiritual partner. You inspired me to come to England in April with a painting under my arms, representing a new organization. If it will become a family company. That will be your choice. I started the process and created the conditions. That process is still going on. From: Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales