Ik heb kennisgenomen van dit bericht in de Telegraaf: “17:03 Berlusconi veroordeeld tot zeven jaar cel Berlusconi veroordeeld tot zeven jaar cel MILAAN – De Italiaanse oud-premier Silvio Berlusconi is veroordeeld tot zeven jaar celstraf in de zaak ‘Ruby-gate’ Het Openbaar Ministerie had zes jaar gevangenisstraf geëist tegen Berlusconi. Volgens de aanklager staat het vast dat de oud-premier in 2010 tijdens een ‘bunga-bunga’-feest seks had met de destijds 17-jarige Ruby. Daar zou hij haar 4,5 miljoen euro voor betaald hebben. Berlusconi werd ook aangeklaagd voor machtsmisbruik. Tal van hoofdrolspelers waren afwezig in de rechtszaal in Milaan. Silvio Berlusconi volgde de uitspraak, die live door de publieke omroep RAI wordt uitgezonden, thuis in Arcore op tv. Ook aanklager Ilda Boccassini, die 6 jaar cel tegen Berlusconi had geëist, was slechts vertegenwoordigd door een medewerker. Tevens afwezig was Ruby, het Marokkaanse escortmeisje dat „benadeelde partij” was in de rechtszaak wegens machtsmisbruik en het bevorderen van prostitutie van minderjarigen. Het proces heeft 27 maanden geduurd.”

 Tegen deze achtergrond kijk ik naar onderstaand bericht dat ik om 18:42 van Trafford Publishing ontving:

“Hi Mr. JOHN VAN DER HEYDEN, Greetings from Trafford! How are you? I trust this email finds you well. I hope this e-mail finds you well. First of all, I would like to thank you for sending me this response and it is my pleasure to respond about your book. I need to come up with a brief and concise email for you to easily understand. We have reviewed your marketing framework as well as your book information, we have finalized our plan in helping you be successful with the book and your mission. Let me first give you an overview on what publishing industry is all about. The publishing industry is a billion dollar per year industry. More and more people have been buying books for all sorts of reasons, from inspirational to downright silly.  Regardless, we’re geared at being able to assist our authors maximize their market and make great headway.

There are after all five industries that the publishing industry would like to hit:

1. The General Audience – individual selling (what you have right now) 2. Retail Bookstores – organizational selling 3. Libraries – organizational selling 4. Media – organizational selling 5. Traditional Publishers – organizational selling            

These are the important people/industries that could help you be successful in the publishing industry and at the same time solidify your stand as a published author. If the work you have is believe in by these industries, there is no doubt that the message would surely go out as how you have planned it. As what I have discussed with you earlier, the first main objective we need to do is to create a huge and essential noise for the book to establish your name in the industry with credibility and authority. The only way we can only make this happen and the fastest way possible is through professional representation and recommendation from these professionals respected and trusted in the industry. These are the preparations needed for us to make sure that the book would be competitive and be considered in the market. I hope you understand what I mean. Not to mention that the book is already set for the marketing stage and will soon be going head to head against established author. I have full confidence on what this book could become and to be honest with you, your book has what it takes to be out there. All the book needs are essential support that could expose the true essence of the book. And these avenues are services acquired and provided by our mother unit, Penguin publishing company, to make sure that our authors will be professionally represented and recommended by these established brand names in the industry. Thus, I suggest of us to do essential marketing for your book. Based on careful research and analysis, it takes more than a mere press release or an email blast to convince book buyers to read the type of book we are selling.

(3)Three reasons why there is a need for us to do these essential marketing for your book.

ü  We need something bigger than basic marketing of publicity to get public’s interest.

ü  We need to overcome the weakness of all self-published authors and stay away from the rough competition.

ü  As well as making sure that we level the playing field against established author.

How can we do it?

Let me give you a run-down of what we have in mind. Out of our 50 plus marketing avenues, we were able to single out these services as optimal service for the kind of book you have. Your book needs audio and visual type of marketing avenues and these companies will help us out in making it happen.

Here are the platform that we are going to do for your book this 4th Quarter of the year .

This is the platform that we believe could change your life as an author. These could increase your Credibility, reputation and  potential book sales.

Take advantage of this global campaign of your book to booksellers and librarians with a press release to Google News and Yahoo News. Your book will also have the opportunity to win the Eric Hoffer Awards and the opportunity to have a Gold Seal Logo printed on your book…

What Is The Advance Print Magazine?

The ultimate comprehensive advance title listing and purchasing tool, Advance is published monthly by Ingram. Advance includes major hardcover, trade paperback, and audio book titles, mass market titles scheduled for release during each issue month, and new releases. It is distributed to 13,500 booksellers, librarians, and international accounts.

What is the Publicity Plan– NetSpeak Edition?

A press release campaign distributed to 30,000 opt-in journalists and more than 250,000 news subscribers through our newswire service PRWeb. Our distributed press releases usually appear on popular sites such as Google News, Yahoo News and other websites.

What is The Eric Hoffer Awards?

The Eric Hoffer Awards for short prose and independent books was established to open doors of opportunity for writing of significant merit. The awards honor the memory of the great American philosopher Eric Hoffer by highlighting excellent writing and the independent spirit of self-publishing. Two grand prizes are awarded annually, one for short prose and one for independent books from small presses and self-published books.

What is The Gold Seal Logo?

Trafford recognizes that self-published titles of excellent quality deserve recognition and respect in the literary world. The Gold Seal is Trafford’s proof of support for those of its authors with superior literary work. With this service, Trafford submits your title to a recognized professional reviewer, the US Review of Books. Once your title gets a positive review, you will be credited with our Gold Seal of Literary Excellence to strengthen your book’s marketing campaign. A positive review on your cover from a respected book reviewer such as the US Review of Books is a compelling recommendation and an indication of quality work.

What you get with this Comprehensive Marketing package:

Premium Review Service from the US Review of Books (plus submission to the Eric Hoffer Awards). The opportunity to have Trafford’s Gold Seal of Literary Excellence stamped on your cover once you get a positive review. Ad in Ingram’s Advance Print Catalog – (3,749). Publicity Plan – NetSpeak Edition  – (1,299) Booksellers Return Program for 2 years (Bookstores can order your title with the ability to return it. Allows book returns yet will not reduce author royalties) – (749/year). *Free cover revision to include the Gold Seal and adding of a blurb from the reviewer’s critique if you get a positive review. Total Investment Will Be: $6,500.00 Trafford Investment (Company Credit): $4,300.00 Author Investment: $2,199.00

We can Divide your total investment into 3 for you to be comfortable.

So for us to reserve into the program we only need to lock you in using $763.00 and the 2nd and 3rd investment will be $733.00 after 30 days and 60 days from the 1st installment using a debit/credit card only.

By doing these high-end marketing avenues, we are letting individual buyers and investors know that you have something to offer and that your book is worthy of their time and their investment. It shows off your confidence and shows the people that you mean business. You show yourself to be a capable and exceptional person and someone they need to be with and others without. The more you market, the more valuable you and your book may seem. You become more credible and trustworthy in their eyes and that is always a good thing when it comes to selling.

For sure you don’t want to lose your biggest market-libraries, booksellers, major publishing houses, lit agents— whose primary demand are books with good reviews.

This is the platform that will be given to our 16 authors. Tapping in directly to decision makers. If you want to achieve things you haven’t had before do the things you haven’t done before.

Please let me know what your plans are. Thanks, Henry Choi MARKETING CONSULTANT 1663 Liberty Drive Bloomington, IN 47403”

Op 21:17 verzond ik hem de volgende reactie: “Dear Henry, Thank you very much for your fast reaction. This proposal looks interesting. But first of all I think it is my duty to inform my colleague  DRS E.H. HALBERTSMA in The Netherlands who is also mentionned in the book.”