Liesbeth, Ik begin mijn bericht met een correctie in 20140213 Message to-Richard Lewis dient Cervantes Television te luiden Torremolinos Televisión. Een duidelijk geval van ‘wishful thinking’. Maar wellicht kan Richard hierbij zijn invloed aanwenden als producent van de BBC-cursus Walter and Connie in 1962 die ook door TELEAC is uitgezonden. Dat is inmiddels meer dan vijftig jaar geleden. Daarom vond ik het zo verbazingwekkend nu een berichtje van hem te ontvangen. Aangehecht stuur ik je zijn c.v. met foto. De tekst luidt:

Richard D. Lewis Cross-Cultural Consultant. Richard D. Lewis has been active in the fields of applied and anthropological linguistics for over 35 years. His work in several fields of communicative studies has involved him in the organisation of courses and seminars for many of the world’s leading industrial and financial companies. In the late 1950s, he worked for two years for the Deutsche Welle and the Nordwestdeutsche Rundfunk and was also a scriptwriter for Dr. Konrad Adenauer. In 1961 he pioneered the world’s first English by Television series, produced by Suomen Televisio, Finland, and subsequently was scriptwriter for the first BBC series Walter and Connie in 1962. He has lived and worked in several European countries, where his clients include ABB, Allianz, Banco de España, Banque de France, Deutsche Bank, Ericsson, Fiat, Gillette, IBM, Kraft, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft,  Nestlé, Nokia, Saab, SAP and Volvo. He also spent five years in Japan where he was tutor to Empress Michiko and other members of the Japanese Imperial Family. During this period, his services were requested by firms such as Nomura, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Sanyo, Mitsui and Nippon Steel. More recently he has been heavily involved in the intercultural field, founding companies in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Brazil, teaching communication skills in these countries as well as Finland, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the USA, where he is currently cross-cultural consultant to the World Bank. Mr. Lewis, who speaks 10 European and two Asiatic languages, is currently chairman of Richard Lewis Communications Ltd, an international communication consultancy with offices in over a dozen countries. His book When Cultures Collide, now in its third edition, is regarded as the classic work on intercultural issues and was the Spring main selection of the US Book of the Month Club in 1997. It has sold over 50,000 copies. He was chosen as the Personality of the Year 1999 by PATA (the Pacific Asia Travel Association) and was given the award on the basis of “the dedicated and extraordinary work carried out in the area of cross-cultural communication, having clear understanding and sensitivity for the cultures in the Asia/Pacific.” Mr. Lewis was knighted by President Ahtisaari of Finland in March 1997 in recognition of his services in the cross-cultural field relating to the training of Finnish Ministries for EU entry (1995) and the EU Presidency (1999). Richard D. Lewis has given workshops, lectures and keynote addresses on various aspects of cultural diversity to (among others): ABB, Allianz, AstraZeneca, BearingPoint, British Airways, Deutsche Telekom, Finnair, Finnish Ministries, Ford, France Telecom, Goldman Sachs, INSEAD, Kone, London Business School, Manchester Business School,  Merck Sharp & Dohme, Nokia, Nordea, Oracle, Orkla, Pfizer, Rolls Royce, Sampo, SAS, Scania, SKF, SonyEricsson, TeliaSonera, Unilever, World Bank, Academic Qualifications & Awards, B.A. French, Spanish, Italian Diploma in Education, Diplômé en Cultures et Civilisations (Sorbonne), Knight of the Order of the Lion of Finland.


1955 Founded Berlitz Schools of Finland, MD 1955-1958 – 1958 Founded Berlitz Schools of Norway – 1959 Founded Berlitz Schools of Portugal, MD 1959-1963 – 1963-65 MD Berlitz Schools of Great Britain – 1966 Founded Berlitz Schools of East Asia (in Tokyo), Executive Vice President (CEO) 1966-1971 – 1967-70 Private tutor to Empress Michiko and five other members of Japanese Imperial Family – 1971 Founded Linguarama at Riversdown House, near Winchester – 1971-86 Chairman & CEO of Linguarama. Opened 35 schools in 12 countries including Japan – 1986 Linguarama went public. Continued for one year as CEO – 1987 Became non-Executive Chairman – 1988 (December) Left Linguarama – 1989 (to date) Consultant on cross-border communication – 1990 Founded Richard Lewis Communications Ltd – 1995 Launched Cross-Cultural Letter to International Managers – 1996 Designed Cross-Cultural Pre-Selection Test (assessing a person’s suitability for overseas posts) – 2003-06 Cross-Cultural Consultant to World Bank


When Cultures Collide (1996, 1999, 2005), Nicholas Brealey Publishing, London, UK – Humour across Frontiers (2005), Transcreen Publications, Winchester, UK – Finland, Cultural Lone Wolf (2005), Intercultural Press, Yarmouth, USA – The Cultural Imperative: Global Trends in the 21st Century (2003), Intercultural Press, Yarmouth, USA – Cross-Cultural Communication: A Visual Approach (1999), Transcreen Publications, Winchester, UK – The Road from Wigan Pier: Memoirs of a Linguist (1998), Transcreen Publications, Winchester, UK – The Billingers (1976), Riversdown Publications, London, UK – Cambridge 2000 (1971), Linguasonica, Lisbon, Portugal – Travelling Abroad (1971), Libraria Francisco Franco, Lisbon, Portugal – Reading for Adults (1968), Longman, London, UK – Vous-souvenez-vous (1959), Publitur, Lisbon, Portugal – Suomen Kirja (1958), Berlitz, Helsinki, Finland – English You Need (1958), Publitur, Lisbon, Portugal


1953-55 News announcer, West German Radio – 1960-61 Wrote TV series English Can Be Fun (Finnish National Television) – 1962 Scriptwriter for BBC series Walter and Connie (English by TV) – 1985 BBC production Person to Person (wrote concept)

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Web Address Riversdown House, Warnford, Hampshire SO32 3LH, United Kingdom”