Om 16:45 ging de telefoon over op mijn vaste lijn. Ik beschouw dat als een soort teken van ontvangst van mijn bericht 20140319 Dag van de gemeenteraadsverkiezingen in Het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden. Van Trafford Publishing ontving ik dit bericht: “19 maart 2014 04:23 onderwerp: Trafford Project ID 174335 – Publicity Plan – NetSpeak Edition (GSO) Post Fulfillment Report Dear John Van der Heyden, Promotion of your book is now underway. The enclosed press release is the 1st month report of the Publicity Plan – NetSpeak Edition (GSO). Generally, when reviewers are interested in a book, they will contact us requesting for a copy of the book or an interview with the author. Whenever these requests are received, we will contact you so that you can follow-up with the media who requested them, ensuring better coverage. In addition, please make note of our policies regarding review copies: If you receive a request from a reviewer, simply advise the requestor to forward their e-mail to promotions@trafford.com or ask the requesting media to notify us of the request via telephone. Requests must come from members of the working media, either a staff or freelance journalist reporting for a newspaper, radio station, television station, magazine or online news/literary source. Review copies will also be granted to professors if they are reviewing the book (or overseeing the review) for a university publication or if they are reviewing the book for possible inclusion in their coursework. Contact information for media outlets is proprietary information and will therefore not be shared prior, during or after your distribution. Sometimes a media outlet is not listed on the recipient list because our distribution service was unable to contact them. We make our best effort to contact all the media outlets in the areas that you chose, however we cannot guarantee that any particular media will be contacted. If there are other media you believe might be interested in your book, you may send out a copy of your personal press release with your contact information. Our contact information must not appear on the press release. Of course, we will be happy to provide free review copies, background info, interviews, etc. to any member of the working press who inquires, whether they respond to releases sent by us or those sent by you. However, please remember, because editors have final say on a book’s coverage, it is impossible for us to know exactly where and when a story will appear. We are working hard to get the word out about your book and encourage you to do the same. Experienced authors recognize that promoting books is an on-going process, rather than a one-time event. The steps outlined above have already proven effective in gaining initial publicity for many of our titles, but they are not a substitute for your own efforts. Authors who are serious about reaching a broad readership should constantly build their list of contacts and continue to spread information about their books on a regular basis working together, we are confident that we can achieve good results. If you have other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. Sincerely, Grace Quincy Marketing ServiceS Representative Trafford Publishing1663 Liberty Drive Suite 200 Bloomington , IN 47403 We’d love to hear from you! We invite you to share feedback and suggestions of your publishing experience with us. Simply call or email us. Don’t forget to include your Project ID number and book title so that we can respond. Jane Javier Marketing Services Supervisor” Reactie: “19:40 Thank you Jane John L. van der Heyden. The One in the Middle with our Consul and Ambassador”