Na verzending van 20140728 Congreskosten, verbindende elementen en een slimme Marianne Vos uit ’s-Hertogenbosch: For those who love  time is eternity  ga ik opnieuw over tot de orde van de dag teneinde vast te stellen welke verbindende elementen thans in de belangstelling staan (gecommuniceerd aan geadresseerden).

In mijn bericht 20020504 The Red Lion  lees ik: “IALC  Founding Members • Cial Centro de Linguas, Lisbon, Portugal • Estudio Internacional Sampere, Madrid, Spain • Gran Canaria School, Gran Canaria, Spain • Instituto Michelangelo, Florence, Italy
• The Language Centre of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland
• The Montreal Language School, Montreal, Canada • Pitman School of English , London, England • Rennert Bilingual, New York, USA

The group held their first meeting in Madrid in June 1983. Over the next six years, they were joined by leading language centres from Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas. The Constitution, Code of Ethics and Bylaws were approved in 1988 and IALC was incorporated in Ireland in 1990.   The IALC  Workshop, an annual business meeting for study abroad agents and IALC school directors that is held directly after the association’s AGM, first took place in 1984. IALC  celebrated 30 years in 2013.”