To: Carlos White Dear/Estimado Carlos, Thank you for your card that you handed me yesterday during the celebration of our King’s Day in Malaga. I consider the objectives of your organisation very important although your speech reminded me of the suffering of my mother who died for cancer in March 2009. It reminded me also of Princess Diana’s equal objectives for which in my view She had accepted the invitation of Mr Mohamed Al Fayed that in the end caused Her tragic death in Paris. As I told you Princess Diana was my legal partner. It seems that She was already interested in my plans as from the moment that I founded the Foundation Cervantes Benelux on the 8th of October 1992. A couple of weeks ago I ordered fifty copies of my book Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales for PR purposes. Last week I was informed by my publisher Trafford Publishing in the USA that UPS had returned the books in damaged state to them. My agent Angel Yamba is studying the cause of the problem with his superiors. So I think that I need again some patience until the problem will be solved. Nevertheless I published the contents of my book on my own website at Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales. As soon as I will receive my ordered books I will facilitate the first copy to Hélène Mostertman. That is my commitment. Later on we may consider how we may proceed on a complete legal basis. Today it is 18 years ago that I had an important conversation with Economic Development Manager Mr Philip Homer in Stratford on Avon in order to set up the British part of Our Organization. Regarding the subject I refer to 28 April 1997 Mr Philip Homer in Stratford-upon-Avon and The Royal Shakespeare Company.