Vanavond wordt op NPO2 deel 2 van De Maatschap uitgezonden. Na verzending van Aandacht voor mijn ontwikkelingskosten  heb ik tot 19:50 naar de twee uur durende opname gekeken van de musical Spamalot die op zaterdagavond 12 november 2016 in Utrecht door muziektheater LIZ is opgevoerd onder het motto Always look on the bright side of life. De naam van de musical lijkt mij een samentrekking van SPAIN en CAMELOT. De hoofdpersoon is King Arthur. In die tussentijd heb ik op de Nederlandse televisie ook gezien hoe Maarten van Rossem in Utrecht op zoek was naar de plekjes waar ik van 1 juni 1997 tot en met 31 januari 1999 als schrijver actief ben geweest. In dit verband memoreer ik mijn dagboek van 31 augustus 1997. In dit verband zag ik vervolgens de persconferentie van Prime Minister Theresa May en US President Donald Trump na hun ontmoeting in het Witte Huis. Ik citeer:

President Trump

Thank you very much. I am honoured to have Prime Minister Theresa May here for our first official visit from a foreign leader. This is our first visit, so, great honour. The special relationship between our 2 countries has been one of the great forces in history for justice and for peace and by the way, my mother was born in Scotland, Stornoway, which is serious Scotland. Today the United States renews our deep bond with Britain – military, financial, cultural and political – we have one of the great bonds. We pledge our lasting support to this most special relationship. Together, America and the United Kingdom are a beacon for prosperity and the rule of law. That is why the United States respects the sovereignty of the British people and their right of self-determination. A free and independent Britain is a blessing to the world and our relationship has never been stronger. Both America and Britain understand that governments must be responsive to everyday working people, that governments must represent their own citizens. Madam Prime Minister, we look forward to working closely with you as we strengthen our mutual ties in commerce, business and foreign affairs. Great days lie ahead for our two peoples and our two countries. On behalf of our nation, I thank you for joining us here today as a really great honour. Thank you very much.

Prime Minister

Thank you very much, Mr President and can I start by saying that I’m so pleased that I’ve been able to be here today and thank you for inviting me so soon after your inauguration. And I’m delighted to be able to congratulate you on what was a stunning election victory. And as you say, the invitation is an indication of the strength and importance of the special relationship that exists between our two countries, a relationship based on the bonds of history, of family, kinship and common interests. And in a further sign of importance in that relationship, I have today been able to convey her Majesty, the Queen’s hope that President Trump and the First Lady would pay a state visit to the United Kingdom later this year, and I’m delighted that the President has accepted that invitation. Now, today we’re discussing a number of topics and there’s much on which we agree. The President has mentioned foreign policy; we’re discussing how we can work even more closely together in order to take on and defeat Daesh and the ideology of Islamistic extremism, wherever it’s found. Our 2 nations are already leading efforts to face up to this challenge and we’re making progress with Daesh losing territory and fighters, but we need to redouble our efforts. And today, we’re discussing how we can do this by deepening intelligence and security cooperation and critically, by stepping up our efforts to counter Daesh in cyber space, because we know we will not eradicate this threat until we defeat the idea – the ideology that lies behind it. Our talks will be continuing later. I’m sure we’ll discuss other topics – Syria and Russia. On defence and security cooperation, we’re united in our recognition of NATO as the bulwark of our collective defence, and today, we’ve reaffirmed our unshakeable commitment to this alliance. Mr President, I think you said, confirmed that you were 100% behind NATO. But we’re also discussing the importance of NATO continuing to ensure it is as equipped to fight terrorism and cyber warfare as it is to fight more conventional forms of war. And I’ve agreed to continue my efforts to encourage my fellow European leaders to deliver on their commitments to spend 2% of their GDP on defence so that the burden is more fairly shared. It’s only by investing properly in our defence that we can ensure we’re properly equipped to face our shared challenges together. And finally, the President and I have mentioned future economic cooperation and trade, trade between our two countries is already worth over £150 billion a year. The US is the single biggest source of inward investment into the UK, and together we’ve around $1 trillion invested in each other’s economies, and the UKUS defence relationship is the broadest, deepest and most advanced of any two countries, sharing military hardware and expertise. And I think the President and I are ambitious to build on this relationship in order to grow our respective economies, provide the high-skilled, high paid jobs as a future for working people across America and across the UK, and so, we are discussing how we can establish trade negotiation agreement, take forward immediate high level talks, lay the groundwork for UKUS trade agreement and identify the practical steps we can take now in order to enable companies in both countries to trade and do business with one another more easily. And I’m convinced that a trade deal between the US and the UK is in the national interest of both countries and will cement the crucial relationship that exists between us, particularly as the UK leaves the European Union and reaches out to the world. Today’s talks, I think, are a significant moment for President Trump and I to build our relationship and I look forward to continuing to work with you as we deliver on the promises of freedom and prosperity for all the people of our respective countries. Thank you.”

In dit verband ontving ik ook dit bericht van Rennert Bilingual in New York: “Dear Partners,  We are writing you today with regards to recent events here in the US. As you certainly know, the new Presidential Administration has updated the immigration policy. Coverage of these updates in global media outlets has left many feeling confused and concerned—especially those of us in international education. We have received questions from a number of you about these changes and wanted to address them directly as best we can (rather than to remain in silence).  We want to assure you, our friends abroad, that life here at Rennert continues as usual: We continue to teach, our students continue to learn, and our community continues to grow. Life too in our host cities, New York and Miami, proceeds at its usual pace with its usual flavors, diversity and excitement. At this point we do not anticipate nor foresee any issues or immediate changes for our current and prospective student body vis-a-vis receiving student visas, etc.  Still, we will continue to strive to stay abreast of any changes or updates and will actively consult immigration colleagues and lawyers for clarification and guidance if necessary. We will certainly keep you informed as needed. We do understand the importance of open communication at such times.  Should you have any specific questions or concerns please feel free to contact us via email or phone. We always welcome a chat with friends. Kind Regards,  The Rennert Team Rennert International 211 East 43d Street, 19th Floor New York, NY 10017

Vandaag luidt onze horoscoop opnieuw hetzelfde als gisteren beste Maagd: 1 februari 2017: Het kan een wonderlijke dag worden. Enerzijds is er sprake van creatieve kracht en potentie, anderzijds zijn er negatieve invloeden. Verbale communicatie dient kort en duidelijk te zijn teneinde misverstanden te voorkomen. Schorpioen: 1 februari 2017: Toenemende belangstelling voor uw gezondheid kan u ertoe brengen minder drank, sigaretten of zoetigheid te nuttigen. U krijgt kansen te tonen wat u kunt als u artistiek bezig bent. Los een hardnekkig probleem eens op.

Dat kan uitsluitend door duidelijk te zijn. Daarom memoreer ik mijn gevoerde correspondentie op deze datum vanaf 1 februari 1997 Britse partner1 februari 1998 Investeren in relatie1 februari 2000 Building the European Union1 februari 2000 The cable turtle of purple1 februari 2001 Goede zaken1 februari 2005 Cor en Sylvia en 1 februari 2008 Maandverslag januari 2008 ter attentie van Drs E.H. Halbertsma.