Nu het Driekoningenfeest hier achter de rug is zal ik na verzending van De aangetekende brief d.d. 7 januari 1997 aan Lady D.F. Spencer  proberen mijn werkzaamheden op de oude, vertrouwde manier te hervatten door mijn berichtgeving uit 1997 in beeld te brengen op deze datum.

Instituto Cervantes Benelux & United Kingdom De Wellenkamp 1530 NL 6545 NM Nijmegen The Netherlands Telephone and fax (31)24-378 1959 Confidential Managing Direction of Taylor & Francis Rankine Road, Basingstoke Hants RG24 8PR United Kingdom Date: 8th January 1997 Concerns: Request for help Reference:  JH/T&F970108 I thank you for the free sample copy of the Taylor & Francis journal ‘Cybernetics and Systems, An International Journal, Volume 27 Number 5, September-October 1996’. I am extremely happy with your remark ‘If you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to contact us’. As a matter of fact I have a big querie. It considers the approximation of Princess Diana and the education of Prince William. Since some time I received some signals that Princess Diana is trying to get in contact with me. Enclosed you find a fotocopy of a shaving bag that I found in my tent on a campingsite between Kensington and Windsor during my summer holidays in Britain. To be exact the 6th of August. Afterwhile I realized that this had something to do with Diana’s divorce on the 28th of August From that moment Di has my complete attention. If everything has gone well, Princess Diana has received from me at Kensington Palace 28 roses on the 28th of August. Until now I already sent 41 letters to St James’s Palace. I also enclose a copy of your envelope with postmark 13.11.96 which I consider as an attempt to reach me regarding the royal crown on your logo and Diana’s necessity to use hidden messages to get into contact with persons in her extremely difficult position. Pieter P. means to me Peter Pan and I translate this message with “Please fly back to Kensington, Mr van der Heyden”. In the Dutch newspaper ‘De Telegraaf’ the article ‘Diana toch koningin’ on 14-11-96 mentions the 27 questions of the Triviant play dealing about Diana. I may consider your volume number 27 not as a coincidence. The main question now will be question number 28. You may guess. Right. This will be Peter Pan. I answered this question on the 28th of December. The answer is YES. So I have to solve a practical problem. I offered Diana a fifty percent participation in my new organization which is going to deal with DutchSpanish and BritishSpanish management issues. As I already stated in my fax of the 17th of November my main product is education and regarding this fax you may understand how Diana has become Queen of Hearts. In the first place I offered her my services on behalf of the education of Prince William to develop an educational programme for the future king and cybernetical systems may be a good instrument to implement control and stabilization by the future king. In this sense your documentation may be very worthwhile although I have no experience with this kind of science. Regarding my Cervantes Plan I esteem your contacts with the Universidad Complutense and the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia extremely important. My relationship with the Spanish Government is very good. With Christmas I received a Christmas card of the Spanish Prime Minister Aznar and I think it will be wise to join our forces. In order to achieve that I have to solve a big problem. I need a situation in which I can communicate frequently with Princess Diana to work out our plans. In this situation I ask your help. You could offer me for example a parttime job or a stage for some months in your organization offering the possibility to get in touch with Her and to get to know your organization. I would be grateful if you could help me at your earliest convenience and hope to hear from you soon. Yours faithfully, J.L. van der Heyden

“8 januari 1997. Betreft: The Nation decides Zeer geachte heer Kok, Met belangstelling heb ik vanavond de televisie-uitzendingen omtrent het behoud van de Britse Monarchie gevolgd. Ik sta een model conform het Oranjehuis voor. Bijgaand ontvangt U mijn brief van vandaag aan de Moeder van Prins William. Ik wil zo snel mogelijk met Haar in het huwelijk treden. Echter op een door Haar te bepalen moment. Het Huis Windsor zal dan waarschijnlijk plaats maken voor het Huis Spencer. Ik verzoek U dit aan Mr Major mede te delen. Hoogachtend, J.L. van der Heyden.

Bijlage: Brief Engagement on behalf of Lady Diana Frances Spencer Princess of Wales.”