Telefoongesprek gevoerd met Sandeep Pal van The Pensions Regulator. Verzonden: datum: 15 mei 2019 12:39 onderwerp: Notice number 14754772222461

Dear Sandeep Pal,

I confirm our telefonic conversation of this morning on behalf of Instituto Cervantes Limited 80 Sidney Street Folkestone Kent. On the 28 of March 2019 my private account of ING in The Netherlands has been robbed by hackers. After having sent my message ‘Hacking Day in the UK’ to my personal relations the communication with me has been cut off by Telefónica. As from that time until the 6th of May I have not received any messages. So I was surprised to receive your penalty notice. I have never heard of your organization. I have founded Instituto Cervantes Limited in December 1996 at the same moment that Lady Diana Frances Spencer, Princess of Wales had made up Her latest Last Will by Her lawyer Anthony Julius and ordered to safeguard all Her belongings by Her butler Mr Paul Burrell. In my vision for Our Company Instituto Cervantes Ltd England and Wales. As from the date that She passed away in Paris on the 31st of August 1997. I decided not to continue with our planned activities. Nevertheless I kept the registration at Companies House in Cardiff under number Company No. 3300636 to give the British Government the possibility to solve this problem caused by former Prime Minister John Major. I have no personal and am the only owner of the company.

Therefore I request you the following.

  1. Send me the invoice that you sent to Freemont Cyprus that I have never received.
  2. To credit the requested amount
  3. To inform me how to proceed

P.S. I allow you to inform your Prime Minister Mrs Theresa May in Windsor Maidenhead about this issue before the 7th of June. Because she can not continue her Brexit negotiations before this problem will be satisfactorily settled. His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, former Prime Minister Tony Blair and Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II have been completely informed by me.”

13:00 Telefonische reactie ontvangen van Jan Snijders vanuit Cyprus. Hij heeft naar zijn zeggen nog nooit van die ‘Pensions Regulator’ gehoord en is die factuur van 28 maart niet bij Freemont Cyprus aangekomen.

Verzonden: 21:42 Ik ontving deze beelden met veel oude bekenden: Huwelijk Prins van Oranje en Máxima Zorreguieta: aankomst gasten (2002)