Aansluitend aan mijn bericht Drie Koningen vervolg ik mijn berichtgeving uit het boek Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales d.d. 7 januari 1997: “Instituto Cervantes Benelux & United Kingdom De Wellenkamp 1530 NL 6545 NM Nijmegen The Netherlands Certified Letter Lady D.F. Spencer St. James’s Palace London SW1A 1BS United Kingdom Date: 7th January 1997 Concerns: Engagement Reference: E/JH/DFS970107. Dear Diana, I have the Honour to send You herewith a copy of my fax message to our Prime Minister of today. The translation is as follows:

“Dear Mr Kok, Next to my letters Strategisch Perspectief of the 8th of December and ICB/REGNL970104 of the 4th of this month I report the following. Since some monthts I carry on a correspondence in the direction of princess Diana in the United Kingdom. The letters written by me in the period 13-09-96 until 16-12-96 have been handed over by mediation of the Lord Mayor of Nijmegen to the Minister of Justice with my approval. On the 9th of December I sent accompanying letter reference New Company to your British colleague with the principle message that I offered a fifty percent participation in Instituto Cervantes Holding Ltd still to be founded in those days. Meanwhile the foundation Instituto Cervantes Limited United Kingdom is in operation with residence Folkestone. Although I have not had the pleasure of a personal acquaintance with Lady Spencer meanwhile I passed the Christmas days on Her invitation in Het Stadhouderlijk Hof in Leeuwarden and in my vision there I am secretly engaged with Her according to the secret procedures which in this kind of situations are current in royal houses. Meanwhile I declared the Princess in the accompanying letter Decision of the 28th of December that I am prepared to contract matrimony with Her if She would wish so. Tonight Mr Major will visit you in the Catshuis. I herewith request you to request the British Prime Minister to agree with an official engagement between Lady Spencer and me. I make this offer in the first place to avoid that Princess Diana will be bothered any longer with gossip stories in the press and She – with my support – will be able to reflect Her new future path in peace and tranquility by Herself. I am very concerned about Her destiny. I thank You in advance for Your friendly collaboration and hope to count on Your further support. With kind regards, J.L. van der Heyden

P.S. I also received a personal Christmas card from Your Spanish colleague José María Aznar and of the President of the VNO-NCW, Drs J.C. Blankert. Supplements: Letter Stadhouderlijk Hof Leeuwarden dated 13 November 1996; Letter to the Prime Minister of Great Britain, reference JH/JM961209; Letter to Lady D.F. Spencer, reference JH/DFS961228

If You accept the offer You will be the New Queen of England on a legal basis. That is just what Britain needs at this very moment. I wish You all the luck and happines You need. With Love, John van der Heyden Enclosed: Fax to the Dutch Prime Minister of today; My vision on the article of the Sunday Mirror of last Sunday P.S. Please be strong!”

24 november 2021: Het spreekt vanzelf dat ik de term ‘new queen of England’ in overdrachtelijke zin heb gebezigd.