Aansluitend aan mijn bericht THE FINAL COUNTDOWN, MIJN DOCUMENTEN D.D. 15 MEI VANAF 1992 EN HET LICHT OP BALMORAL ontving ik onder meer onderstaande informatie van MailOnline.

17:22 Nieuws uit Bolton In dit verband ontving ik om 19.59 Prince William joins 21,000 fans FA-Cup Final Covid test event Wembley Stadium

En vandaag 11:05 BRIT Awards 2021 Viewers praise Elton John Olly Alexanders amazing rendition Sin 12:18 “Royal aides want Harry and Meghan to give up their titles By Caroline Graham for The Mail on Sunday Published: 22:14 BST, 15 May 2021 | Updated: 09:37 BST, 16 May 2021 Palace aides have called on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to give up their titles following Prince Harry‘s latest ‘disgraceful’ assault on the Royal Family.In a withering condemnation of the couple’s continued attacks on the Royals, senior courtiers told The Mail on Sunday of a growing sense of ‘bewilderment and betrayal’. They are particularly incensed over Harry‘s criticism of Prince Charles’s parenting skills and, by implication, those of the Queen and the late Prince Philip. People are appalled that he could do this to the Queen when the Duke of Edinburgh is barely in his grave,’ said one aide. ‘To drag his grandfather into this is so shocking and disrespectful. ‘The Duke of Sussex has now spent a significant amount of time emphasising that he’s no different to anyone else and attacking the institution which he says has caused him so much pain. There is a growing feeling that if you dislike the institution that much, you shouldn’t have the titles.’ Laying bare the toxicity that now exists between the Sussexes and the wider Royal Family, another source said: ‘They should put the titles into abeyance, so they still exist, but are not used, like they agreed to do with their HRHs.  ‘They should just become Harry and Meghan. And if they refuse to do that, they have to explain why not.’”

En “David Cameron’s TV-humiliation analysed BARBARA AMIEL By Barbara Amiel For The Daily Mail  Published: 22:10 BST, 14 May 2021 | Updated: 22:18 BST, 14 May 2021 met als belangrijkste opmerking: “The most formidable loser in the power game I ever saw was Middle East fixer, arms dealer and business tycoon Adnan Kashoggi, friend of Arab potentates and U.S. Presidents. He was a shadowy, basically unattractive figure with the allure that three superyachts, a fleet of planes and homes around the world bring. He had throngs of gorgeous women over whom he showered expensive jewels and powdered cocaine. The Economist magazine once estimated his lifestyle cost $250,000 a day at its peak. But then Adnan lost it all after a scandal involving the Iran-Contra arms deal and he had to sell one yacht to the Sultan of Brunei who later sold it to Donald Trump who later sold it to Prince al-Waleed bin Talal — these yachts get around — and was reduced to about $8 million, which rather took him off-stage. Barbara Amiel is the author of Friends And Enemies: A Memoir”.

Vanuit deze achtergrond memoreer ik mijn verbindende elementen waarin Balmoral is vermeld: My Dear Royal HighnessCorporate GovernanceI will undersign the contract next 28 SeptemberHonourable ProposalAfspraakVerjaardagFax message to Mr Mohamed Al FayedHoroscopeThe domestic circle is Balmoral CastleLetter to Queen Elizabeth II and In Memoriam sent to Queen BeatrixReport 36 The last postReport 38Letters to Diana Princess of WalesUw kenmerk TJ/RT 012/4 97 05819980813 JH/LH Nous maintiendrons (1)D-Day DominoSpaghetti en MacaroniRoyal Developments IDe Hertogin van Neerbosch-OostDe bruiloft van DulcineaDe kip met de gouden eierenPurple Heart OperationThe Lion sleeps tonightHet gelijk van de astroloogTerug van bijna weggeweestAutowegVan Amsterdam via IJmuiden en Newcastle naar BraemarLast WillEngagement DayMelrose en Galashiels: Terugblik op 28 december 1999 en vooruitblik ‘Over the border’  – Building The Holding IVPascuas de Resurrección  Terugblik en PerspectiefVandaag is het begonnenGroeten uit TorremolinosMaximale Winst PrognoseMet Man en MachtTotem Tours IncorporatedNederland/ArgentiniëLetters to Diana Princess of WalesBewijs van inschrijving Instituto Cervantes van het Benelux Merkenbureau d.d. 28.02.1995Bericht aan De Directie 007The Sixth Anniversary of My First Engagement after My DivorceKiezen van een uitgever en sponsoringVermogensbestanddelen Institituto Cervantes Limited England and WalesBericht aan Mr. G. van AmstelInformation is the businessThe real truth about DianaEeltje Halbertsma in GrouwIn Koninklijke DienstPaars en rood succesvolBrug naar de toekomstHart van de organisatieDiana, verhaal van een prinses Deel 1The green, green grass of homeKoortsachtige onderhandelingenEenzaam en ook alleenTerugblik op 22 april 1997 en reis naar AmsterdamEen weekend met Mr.Drs. Marc van HoornWilliam en Kate gaan trouwenYour wedding on 29 April 2011Bezoek aan Grouw in Friesland: Neuzen in de wind en Candle in the wind en The final outcome.

Mij is ooit gezegd in Restaurant ’t Goude Hooft te ’s-Gravenhage: ‘Mijn Heer van der Heyden. U heeft maar één probleem. U kunt niet van Uw troon af komen’. Dat heb ik dus gemeen met Koningin Elizabeth. Vanuit deze achtergrond memoreer ik mijn verbindende elementen d.d. 16 mei vanaf 1992 tot en met 2012: 1992 Portugal: Guarda en Almeida 1997 Magazine Vorsten and the Government GameMessage for Sergeant David Sharp    1998 Statuten Stichting Cervantes Benelux (1) 1999 Royal Love 2001 Nieuw adviesbureau  2003 Partijen stemmen in met regeerakkoord 2006 20060516 La Vérité  2007 A real gentleman  2008 Monsterzege para los imperiales 2011 Shakira Schyfsma eerste cursiste van het Instituto Cervantes Benelux 2012 Spencer

18:00 Met verbazing heb ik vastgesteld dat Los Imperiales de Nimega zich hebben gekwalificeerd voor de play offs voor promotie naar de eredivisie. Donderdag spelen zij de halve finale tegen Roda JC.

20:30 In dit verband gaan mijn gedachten thans uit naar The Brotherhood of Man