Ontvangen Five dead 50 missing floods destroy buildings Germany en The Prince Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall attend event wildlife conservation charity. Vanuit deze achtergrond verzond ik vanmorgen dit bericht: “datum: 15 jul. 2021 11:27 onderwerp: Het wassende water Ik word dagelijks op de hoogte gehouden door de redactie van de Daily Mail. Mijn contactpersoon daar is Richard Kay. Vanmorgen ontving ik van hen beelden uit Schuld aan de Ahr. Ik ben daar reisleider geweest. Het dorp heeft 750 inwoners. Het is geheel overspoeld door het water van de Ahr. Ook zag ik de beelden uit Valkenburg met Malou Petter. Wel opmerkelijk dat dit allemaal gebeurt nu ik het verhaal over Marianne van der Heijden. lees. Zuid-Limburg heeft nog altijd een warme plaats in mijn hart.” Terzake memoreer ik aansluitend aan NATIONALE FEESTDAG IN FRANKRIJK – MIJN VERBINDENDE ELEMENTEN D.D. 14 JULI VANAF 1992 mijn verbindende elementen d.d. 15 juli vanaf 1992 tot en met 2012: 1992 Een bedankje 1995 Su carta del 10 de Julio de 1995 1996 Cupido

19960715 Brief aan De heer J.W. van Aalst Van Lanscroonstraat 6 2506 PA ‘s-GRAVENHAGE
 19960715 Faxbericht aan Management Opleidings Centrum De Baak T.a.v. Drs E.H. Halbertsma inzake ‘poppetje nummer één’

1997 Why are you sitting on the roof of that house in Saint TropezConcern

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1998071504 Flappentapper in Noordwijkerhout
1998071506 Bungalow Duinweg in Noordwijk
1998071517 Puinhoop bij verbouwingswerkzaamheden aan Hotel de Baak te Noordwijk
1998071536 De Zeester Noordwijk

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1999 ZalmProblems 2000 Presidentschap 2002 Hotel Byblos  2003 Het hemelbed 2004 Paars en rood succesvol  2005 We are waiting for the message of The Queen 2006 José Luis de Celis  2007 Compagnons 2008 Sleutel 95 2009 De Europese investeringsbank en het geheim van Professor J.G. Knol 2010 Rapportage aanThomas Triebels (R.I.P.) 2011 Veertien jaar na de fatale gebeurtenissen in Saint Tropez 2012 Cervantes Automatisering en Produkties. 17:15 Ik ben vooralsnog gestopt met het lezen van het verhaal over Marianne van der Heijden. Hoewel ik het wel zag aankomen heeft het overlijden van Peter R. de Vries mij diep geschokt. Dat geldt ook voor de watersnoodramp in Zuid-Limburg, België en Duitsland.

17:30 Ontvangen Prince Charles honoured Lord Mountbatten wedding Diana Prince Charles honoured his late great-uncle Lord ‘Dickie’ Mountbatten on his wedding day by asking Diana to include the Mountbatten rose in her bouquet, florist recalls. David Longman created the floral arrangements for the 1981 royal wedding. Prince Charles requested that Diana carry a Mountbatten rose in bridal bouquet. Mountbatten, who was assassinated by the IRA in 1979,  was mentor to Charles. Charles and Diana spent three days of their honeymoon on his country estate By Claudia Joseph for MailOnline Published: 16:16 BST, 15 July 2021 | Updated: 16:17 BST, 15 July 2021.Prince Charles honoured his late great-uncle Lord Mountbatten during his wedding to Princess Diana 40 years ago, according to a new Royal documentary. Florist David Longman, a member of the Worshipful Company of Gardeners, who created the floral arrangements for the 1981 wedding, revealed that Charles asked Diana to include the Mountbatten rose in her bridal bouquet. Mountbatten, who was assassinated by the IRA in 1979, was a mentor to the Prince of Wales and encouraged him to ‘sow his wild oats’ with then girlfriend Camilla Parker Bowles, now his second wife. He later invited the newlyweds – the Prince and Princess of Wales – to spend the first three days of their honeymoon at his country estate Broadlands. My conversations with Lady Diana were very similar to so many discussions I had with brides and what they wanted,’ said Longman. ‘I showed her the designs – we had many more designs and more intricate designs than I would show to a normal bride. We talked to the dressmaker beforehand. I had been to see the dressmaker. ‘The Emanuels were very discreet and wouldn’t tell me very much, which I quite understood. They did give me a patch of material so I could feel what it was going to be like. ‘And they showed me an outline sketch so I knew it was going to be a very voluminous dress. She was like any other bride, excited, intrigued, wanting guidance as to what she was to have, very normal, a very, very normal young bride. ‘She chose this one, which was a long drop bouquet, lily of the valley, stephanotis, orchids. The Prince made one request and that was a Mountbatten rose in memory of his uncle, who he was very attached to. He particularly wanted it. ‘There was only one grower. It’s not really a florists’ rose – it’s a garden rose. And it was only one colour because it’s a golden rose there in the centre of the bouquet.’ Longman, whose father created the displays for both the Queen and Princess Margaret’s weddings, revealed that Diana made one request. ‘She was very easy to deal with,’ he added. ‘She wasn’t particularly demanding. She was always charming. ‘If you look at the photographs from Princess Elizabeth’s wedding, you will see that the big photograph with all the bridesmaids, everyone is carrying a bouquet, except the bride. ‘The princess asked for her bouquet to be put on the tomb of the Unknown Warrior. ‘Lady Diana had heard this story so she said: ‘Please can we have two bouquets?’ ‘So, we had one that went straight onto the tomb and the other that was delivered to Buckingham Palace ready for the photographs.’ The documentary The Wedding of the Century, that premieres on BritBox on Thursday, also revealed that Prince Charles, who notoriously remarked ‘whatever love means’ during his engagement interview, put his stamp on other aspects of the ceremony. Former Royal Navy head baker, who met Charles in 1979 when he created the cake for the commissioning ceremony of HMS Bulwark, disclosed that he had insisted that the emblem of the Welsh red dragon was painted on the cake. ‘I met Prince Charles when he was on Bulwark,’ said Avery, who was the Chief Petty Officer between 1962 and 1984. ‘They wanted a commissioning cake making and Prince Charles cut the cake. ‘He pointed to it and said: ‘Have you made this? Beautiful cake.’ So, I was quite pleased about that. When Mark Phillips married Princess Anne, the Army did the cake. ‘So, my Admiral got in touch with the Palace and said: ‘It would be nice if the Navy got the chance to do the wedding cake.’ I was at the cookery school then as a senior instructor teaching baking to the boys. ‘I got told that I was doing the wedding cake but I couldn’t say anything to anybody until the press release. I was quite pleased about it at the beginning. To be picked, to make the future King and Queen’s wedding cake, you couldn’t get a higher honour, could you? But as things went on, I always thought that one day I would be put in the tower if anything went wrong. ‘I met Diana at Buckingham Palace to show her the design. She was so nice. I was, well not petrified, but apprehensive of meeting her and that’s what she said to me: ‘I was apprehensive of meeting you and it’s been a pleasure.’ ‘She said to me all she wanted was a wedding cake – she didn’t want a monument. But when Diana had seen the plan, everything was fine, she was happy about that and we thought great. ‘But then we got a phone call Prince Charles wasn’t happy and we thought: ‘Oh damn.’ But what it was they used to name him the Red Dragon, so I had to put the crest of the Red Dragon on the front of the cake and that was the only change.’ Finally, Barry Rose, former choirmaster of St Paul’s admitted that Prince Charles had chosen the venue, as well as the music, turning to his friend, the late Sir David Wilcox who was Director of Music at King’s College, Cambridge when he was a student. ‘Charles had the say in it,’ he said. ‘I think he was the musical one, he actually had played the cello, I believe.’ The Wedding of the Century premieres on BritBox on Thursday July 15.

21:21 Ontvangen Biden welcomes great friend Merkel likely final visit