Aansluitend aan mijn bericht ‘Deadlines, de-cervanteskring-en-mijn-verbindende-elementen-d-d-25-augustus-vanaf-1995’ heb ik de indrukwekkende kroningsplechtigheid van de Japanse Keizer Naruhito opnieuw bekeken. Onder meer in aanwezigheid van Koningsparen Willem-Alexander/Máxima, Philippe/Mathilde, Prins Charles en Groothertog Henri, Felipe en Letizia en overige koningshuizen uit onder meer Denemarken en Zweden. Mijn beste collega in Japan is María Pilar García-Escudero Domínguez de Arimoto.

Vanmorgen ontving ik het artikel over het Museum Carmen Thyssen in Málaga door Else van Velthuijsen m.m.v. Anke Louwerse van de Nederlandse Club Costa del Sol. De hoofdvestiging bevindt zich in Madrid en is vermeld in Samen fietsen en Directie Kluwer. Hierover schreef ik op 16 september 1999 over de opening van het Valkhofmuseum in Nijmegen door Hare Majesteit de Koningin “Aangaande de veiligheidsvoorschriften heb je onder meer te maken met de voorschriften van de banken NatWest, ING en Deutsche Bank. Tevens met de voorschriften van de Beveiligingsdienst Koninklijk Huis. Die was zeer nadrukkelijk op Het Valkhof aanwezig afgelopen woensdag. Mij werd door – vermoedelijk – één van hen nog toegeroepen “U bent een echte fan”, nadat hij de gouden kroon op mijn rug had gezien. Ooit is uit de koffer van de heer Lamèris de agenda van Hare Majesteit gestolen, kort na haar officieuze bezoek aan Koning Juan Carlos en het Museum Thyssen Bornemisza te Madrid.”

Vanuit deze achtergrond memoreer ik mijn verbindende elementen d.d. 26 augustus vanaf 1995 tot en met 2012: 1995 Detailaanvulling 1997 Next actions have to be takenCorporate Governance 1998 Elisabeth mach auf mein EngelDammen 1999 De Hertogin van Neerbosch-Oost 2002 Praten als Brugman 2003 The Lion King 2005 Sunflower Power 2006 De vitale schakels 2007 20070826 Interview van de VDSN met Isabel Clara Lorda Vidal 2010 Aangetekende brief aan Thomas Triebels (R.I.P.)De betalingsverplichting van Wouter Bos en 2011 Peter Pan en de Toekomststraat

De Toekomststraat bevindt zich in Noordwijk aan Zee. Malou Petter liet vanmorgen in het NOS Journaal weten dat er uit het beleidsstuk van VVD en D66 is gelekt en dat zij hebben gekozen voor ‘Meer overheid en minder markt’.

15:51 Ontvangen Now-Extinction-Rebellion-target-BUCKINGHAM-PALACE Now Extinction Rebellion target BUCKINGHAM PALACE: Protesters waving ‘royal blood bath’ signs smear paint on statue of Queen Victoria and dye water red – before police FINALLY move in. By Rory Tingle, Home Affairs Correspondent For Mailonline Published: 14:40 BST, 26 August 2021 | Updated: 14:46 BST, 26 August 2021 Extinction Rebellion yobs  waving ‘royal blood bath’ signs today targeted Buckingham Palace – smearing blood on a statue of Queen Victoria and dying the water red. Police were seen sloshing through the fountain at the Queen Victoria Memorial to grab several young protesters before carting them off in handcuffs. The activist group – whose two-week campaign of ‘civil disobedience’ is causing chaos in central London as firms try to recover from lockdown – claimed the Royal Family were standing in the way of ‘justice and compassion’.  ‘The Crown Estate is the biggest landowner in the UK and they choose to use this land for animal agriculture and hunting, which not only decimate our environment but cause the deaths of millions of lives every year,’ said spokesman Harley McDonald-Eckersall. ‘It’s time for a new system based on justice and compassion and the royal family should be leading the way.’ The move comes just days after Prince Charles today made his most powerful intervention to date in the fight against climate change, telling Britain’s business leaders they must help, or the planet is ‘done for’. Drawing emotionally on his family connections to wildfire-racked Greece, the prince issues a robust challenge to big business to join his crusade for action ‘before it’s finally too late’. Writing in the Daily Mail, the heir to the throne said that humanity’s ‘only hope’ was for business chiefs to join world leaders in an ‘epic battle’ to avert ‘climate catastrophe’. The Prince of Wales declared that business ‘with its trillions of dollars’ has an ‘absolutely critical’ role to play. He said that unlocking this private sector investment could bring about a ‘game-changing green transition’. 

16:08 Princess-Dianas-statue-opened-public-mark-anniversary-death Princess Diana’s statue will be opened to the public on Tuesday to mark first anniversary of her death since memorial was unveiled by Princes William and Harry. Statue will be open for viewing at Kensington Palace from 3pm to 5pm Tuesday. The event will mark the 24th anniversary of Diana’s death in a car crash in Paris. It will be the first anniversary since the memorial statue was unveiled last month. By Katie Feehan For Mailonline Published: 14:52 BST, 26 August 2021 | Updated: 14:59 BST, 26 August 2021 The statue of Diana, Princess of Wales will be specially opened to well-wishers to mark the first anniversary of her death since the long-awaited memorial was unveiled. The princess was killed on August 31 in 1997, with Tuesday marking 24 years since the fatal car crash in Paris. Due to the pandemic, Kensington Palace and its gardens are operating reduced opening days and are usually only accessible to the public from Wednesday to Sunday. But Historic Royal Palaces (HRP) said special arrangements had been made to allow visitors to view the statue from the Cradle Walk around the Sunken Garden where it stands from 3pm to 5pm on Tuesday. The bronze tribute was finally revealed by the Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex together – despite their troubled relationship – at a ceremony last month on what would have been their mother’s 60th birthday. A spokesman for HRP said: ‘We acknowledge that there will be interest in viewing the statue on that day. ‘So we will be providing access to the Cradle Walk which is essentially the beautiful walkway around the Sunken Garden. ‘We will be opening that up, freely available, for passers-by or anybody who wants to stop and take a moment on that Tuesday, specially for the anniversary.’ Entry to the Cradle Walk will be free and does not need to be booked, but well-wishers will not be able to leave flowers at the base of the statue nor approach it. Public access to the Sunken Garden, even before the statue arrived, has always been limited to the walkway – an arched arbour of red-twigged lime – which used to be known by the nickname ‘Nanny Walk’ after becoming a favoured meeting point for the many nannies in Kensington.