Vandaag gaan de poorten van ‘The Sunken Garden’ naast Kensington Palace open voor het publiek. Vandaag is het 24 jaar geleden dat Prinses Diana in het Hôpital Le Pitié Saint Salpétrière in Parijs het leven verloor. Reden voor mij om vandaag mijn laatste brief te citeren die ik Haar op 31 augustus 1997 ter kennisgeving aan haar broer Charles heb gestuurd en die zij vanzelfsprekend nooit heeft kunnen lezen.

Ik citeer “Sunday, 31-08-1997 Yesterday evening I visited King Arthur’s English Pub and read: “King Arthur appointed so many knights that he gave rise to the expression 1001 Knights. The most famous of them, Sir Lancelot, renowned for his great chivalry, very courteously offered to look after Queen Guinevere whenever King Arthur was away looking for the elusive holy grail. Lancelot and all the other utterly romantic knights vowed to protect dames from dragons and similar fierce creatures. However, nobody vowed to protect damsels from the knights. The court of King Arthur, or King Arthur’s, as it came to be known, was celebrated for its hospitality and led to the English proverb still used today Good English food and great English beer maketh the traveller tarry here. King Arthur was the inventor of knights and round tables. He had the idea of sitting his knights at a round table so that no one ever knew who sat at the head. The knights never found out that the table was a gigantic overturned dartboard and that King Arthur sat at the top.” Then I went to a terrace and bought a Lucky Strike with the name Diana and a lighter, although I do not smoke. But sometimes I need a lucky strike. So I sent the following fax message to Andrew Morton: “Good Morning Mr Morton, I have the honour to send you herewith the Certificate of Incorporation of My Company in England. I can use Egyptian capital but only businesslike. Because My Core Business is Education. Did’nt you hear that before by Mr Blair when I visited Britain during last April and went jogging from Earls Court Gym to Hyde Park?” Because I need a Lucky Strike sometimes and can sit at a round table again. Then I took the train to The Hague, to pay a visit to Vitalizee. In the train they told me Lady Di is dead. She died in a car crash in Paris. Is not that a tipical coincidence since I sent my postcard to My Fifth Rose in KP on 30 April and I took the wrong train to Paris? I had to carry on, because You’re still in my life. First I went to Vitalizee and spoke with Marc Sanders, cousin of Emily Bremers and looked at the Pavillion of ‘Watermans’, that reminded me of my stay at ‘Watermans’ in Henley. I had four glasses of ‘De Koninck’ that reminded me of the support of the Four Royal Houses of The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and Spain for Our new relationship. Then I went to Noordwijk. De Baak was closed of course. So I went to Huis ter Duin and they offered me Two glasses of ‘the queen of beers’. Then to Hotel Oranje. They played Lady in Red and I realized that My Number One is dead!!!. I told this to an American Manager and We have to continue. I trust in Your Brother Charles and hope to meet him very soon. Then I went to The Hague and had a ring at the House of Prince Willem Alexander next to Palace Noordeinde to look for a condolence registrar. I was advised to go to the British Embassy and there I left my letter with the text: “Dear Diana I Love You Still, Rest in Peace”. This is to read for Your Brother, because Your Body has gone, But Your Spirit is still alive and that will always be. I will finish The Job and You will always remain in my Heart.”

Vanuit deze achtergond memoreer ik aansluitend aan mijn bericht EXPO 2008 IN ZARAGOZA EN MIJN VERBINDENDE ELEMENTEN D.D. 30 AUGUSTUS VANAF 1995 mijn verbindende elementen d.d. 31 augustus vanaf 1995 tot en met 2012: 1997 King Arthur’s Pub and devastating news from Paris 1998 Deadline 1999 Jakkeraarsproces  2000 Vandaag is het begonnen 2002 Five years later 2005 Jonikal 2006 Negen jaar 2007 Herdenking 2009 Derecho permanente 2010 De astroloog had weer gelijk 2011 The final outcome 2012 Vijftiende sterfdag van mijn Britse partner  

Vandaag gaat de Vuelta van Laredo naar Santa Cruz de Bezana in Cantabria. De etappe werd gewonnen door de Nederlandse wielrenner Fabio Jakobsen  uit Heukelum.

Ontvangen 15:33 Princess-Elisabeth-Belgium-study-Oxford-University Belgium’s future queen is off to Oxford! Princess Elisabeth, 19, will study history and politics at the University’s Lincoln College after a stint at Hippie Hogwarts in Wales. Eldest daughter of King Philippe and Queen Mathilde is heir to Belgian throne. Princess Elisabeth, 19, will commence three-year course in Oxford in October. The Belgian royals  announced the news in a statement on its Instagram page By Hayley Richardson For Mailonline Published: 12:52 BST, 31 August 2021 | Updated: 13:46 BST, 31 August 2021. Princess Elisabeth of Belgium will take up a place at Oxford University to study history and politics, it was revealed today. The eldest daughter of King Philippe and Queen Mathilde, who is heir to the Belgian throne, will commence the three-year course in October at the prestigious university’s Lincoln College. The Belgian royals announced the news in a statement on its Instagram page, adding that the princess will ‘regularly return to Belgium and remain involved in Belgian public life’ while she studies in the UK.  The post was accompanied by a photo of Elisabeth, dressed casually in jeans, a white shirt and a fawn jacket, smiling with her eyes looking away from the camera.  According to Belgian newspaper Le Soir, the princess completed a written entrance exam in history ‘anonymously’ so that her social status would not affect her marks. Elisabeth is believed to have chosen the course herself, in agreement with her parents, and reportedly consulted with alumni from various universities and made her decision based on what would be most useful to her in her role as queen later in life. The princess completed her secondary education at UWC Atlantic College in South Wales – based at a 12th-century castle and dubbed the ‘Hippie Hogwarts’ – where she boarded for 18 months.  She then headed home to Brussels in March ahead of the government lockdown, which she spent with her parents and siblings Prince Gabriel, 17, Prince Emmanuel, 15, and Princess Eléonore , 13.  She then enrolled at the Royal Military Academy – where her father studied for three years as a teenager – in September. The princess, who received her International Baccalaureate Diploma last summer, completed a one-year course in social and military sciences. The course is said to teach in-depth about the four components of Belgian defence; Army, Air Force, Navy and Medical. King Philippe, 60, spent three years at the esteemed institution between 1978 to 1981. In July Princess Elisabeth was photographed at the Lagland camp in Arlon, where she marched in uniform in formation with her fellow cadets. For the officer cadets of the Royal Military Academy (RMA), the camp is part of the last training phase for first year students, and constitutes part of the Initial Military Phase. Officially known as Princess Elisabeth, the Duchess of Brabant, she became heir apparent after her grandfather Albert II abdicated in 2013. A change in the law a decade ago made it possible for the eldest child, male or female, to ascend the throne in Belgium. She will become the country’s first Queen Regent if she takes up the role.   In July this year, she took part along with her fellow Royal Military Academy Belgium students in the National Day parade.  National Day marks the anniversary of the investiture of King Leopold I, the country’s first monarch, in 1831.

18:42 Princess-Dianas-brother-Charles-Spencer-shares-poignant-photo-24th-anniversary-death