Aansluitend aan mijn bericht ‘Mijn verbindende elementen d.d. 25 september vanaf 1995 en Mercosur’ ontving ik om 11:38 als reactie op mijn opmerking ‘Ik begin meer en meer de indruk te krijgen dat de Amerikaanse aanklacht tegen Prins Andrew over ‘sexueel misbruik van een minderjarige’ op een ‘advocatentruc’ berust om de rechtsgang terzake te frustreren’:

Secret document Virginia Roberts signed in 2009 to resolve civil case she brought against Jeffrey Epstein ‘will not save Prince Andrew from court’ Prince Andrew’s lawyers asked to see a document signed in 2009 by Roberts. It was signed by Roberts to resolve a case she brought against Jeffrey Epstein. The lawyers believe it may release the Duke from all liability for Roberts’ claims. But two sources close to the case insist the agreement doesn’t apply to Andrew By Daniel Bates and Stephen Wright for the Daily Mail Published: 22:38 BST, 24 September 2021 | Updated: 23:42 BST, 24 September 2021

Mijn vermoeden blijkt dus juist. Bovenstaand document blijkt dus in 2009 te zijn opgemaakt. Meer dan een jaar later dan het artikel van 15 januari 2008.

In dit verband ontving ik aansluitend aan mijn bericht ‘Mijn verbindende elementen d.d. 8 augustus vanaf 1996 de dag van Buckingham Palace’ dit bericht van Daily Mail: “Harry is likely to ask Eugenie for help with memoir By Isabella Nikolic For Mailonline Published: 08:51 BST, 8 August 2021 | Updated: 09:03 BST, 8 August 2021 Prince Harry is expected to ask Princess Eugenie for help with his explosive £14million memoir that’s set to drop ‘truth bombs’ on the Royal Family. The book, created with Pulitzer Prize-winning ghostwriter JR Moehringer, 56, is due to be released next year.  Eugenie, 31, who knew Meghan Markle after working in New York and introduced her to Harry, is believed to be in regular contact with the Duke of Sussex, 36. And a source told the Sun: ‘I could only imagine Eugenie talking or being approached as she is someone Harry is still in regular contact with.’ Eugenie’s husband Jack Brooksbank, 35, is also a close friend of the Duchess of Sussex and the couple were given Harry and Meghan’s former UK home – Frogmore Cottage. Prince Harry is believed to have rubbed members of the Royal Family the wrong way by asking them about their memories of his mother Princess Diana before revealing he was writing the memoir. Buckingham Palace declined to comment.  It comes after it was revealed that the book deal consists of four books and the second will only be released once the Queen dies.  The deal will see a memoir released next year – when it is the Queen’s platinum jubilee – with the second book to be held back until after her death. Harry’s wife Meghan is to pen a ‘wellness’ guide as part of the contract with Penguin Random House. The subject and author of the fourth title is unknown. Two publishers flew out from London to see him and others took part in the ‘auction’ by video call, sources say. ‘He conducted negotiations – he had a very ‘take it or leave it’ attitude,’ said an impeccably-placed source in the publishing industry. ‘His starting price was $25million (£18million) and the final figure was way north of that, possibly as much as $35-40million (£25-29million). ‘Those involved were actually very shocked by his approach, which was to look at them coldly and state his demands – $25million. ‘In Britain, publishing is still a rather ‘gentlemanly’ industry. It’s high stakes, but is still conducted in very genteel terms.’ The source added: ‘The final contract was actually for a four-book deal, with Harry writing one “when his granny dies”. Meghan will write a wellness-type book and people are unsure what the fourth will be. But what is most shocking, frankly, is Harry’s suggestion that the second book won’t be published until the Queen is no longer here. ‘People [will] start asking ‘what has he got, who is he going to target?’ The very idea of this unexploded bomb, hanging about waiting for the Queen to pass, is just extraordinary and may strike many as being in very bad taste.’ The Royal Family has been left deeply concerned by Harry’s decision to secretly collaborate with Pulitzer-winning ghostwriter JR Moehringer on what his publishers described as ‘the definitive account of the experiences, adventures, losses, and life lessons that have helped shape him’. The two men have been working on the book for up to a year. It is described by Harry as a ‘wholly truthful first-hand account’ of his life. But royal aides are worried that it will prove to be a highly one-sided account of the prince’s experiences and reignite tensions with his estranged family. The Queen and senior royals are still dealing with the fallout from his slew of interviews, most notably with US chat show host Oprah Winfrey. The prince has made a string of highly damaging allegations about his closest relatives, including claims of institutional racism. Penguin Random House said that the ‘proceeds’ from the book would be donated to charity but has not detailed whether this would include both royalties and the advance. A spokesman for the prince also insisted that he had informed his family – including the Queen – about plans for his book ‘very recently’. Yet the Mail understands his office made attempts to contact the royal household only hours before the story was broken by a US newspaper after learning it was about to become public. Charles is said to have been particularly surprised by the news when it was announced.”

En gisteren om 19:53 Harry and Meghan head to ‘Wokesock’ in Central Park where they will take to the stage to call vor COVID-19 ‘vaccine equity’ after meeting with UN Secretary General The Sussexes left the luxury Carlyle Hotel in their cavalcade of gas-guzzling cars 11am Saturday morning. They visited the UN building in Manhattan to meet with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. Meghan opted for a head-to-toe camel-colored outfit with a $4,124 Max Mara coat and wide-legged pants. Harry sported a smart suit and dark tie, with the couple both carrying black portfolio briefcases. Harry and Meghan will appear on stage at Global Citizen Live in Central Park later today. The star-studded concert aims to raise awareness and money on issues, including vaccine inequity. Meghan and Harry’s appearance at the concert tops off their tour where they have mingled with New York lawmakers, UN officials, global health experts and Chelsea Clinton By Rachel Sharp For Published: 14:40 BST, 25 September 2021 | Updated: 18:50 BST, 25 September 2021

Vanuit deze achtergrond memoreer ik mijn verbindende elementen d.d. 26 september vanaf 1996 The Parallel Partner (1) – Brief aan de Directeur van de Centrale Recherche InformatiedienstThe Parallel Partner (2) – Your letter of the 23d 1997 Dank 1999 New York… New York! 2002 Vitesse en de WereldbankFC Cervantes Arnhem (3)Annual Accounts (1) Annual Accounts 2001 2003 Uncle John 2004 De open deur 2005 Nikita 2007 Bestuurlijke eisen voor een ijzersterke organisatie en bezoek aan Antonio Perales Castro en Antonio Ruiz van het instituut Castila 2008 Cervantes Management Centre in TorremolinosPhilipse Business SchoolCervantes Management Centre 2009 Precipitaciones 2010 Een drukke werkdagPostbus 689 in Utrecht opgeheven (1) – Postbus 689 opgeheven (2) – Postbus 689 opgeheven (3) 2011 Korte ontmoeting met Burgemeester Pauline Krikke van Arnhem en bezoek aan De Engelenburg in Brummen 2012 Doña Rosalía Romero en het Prinses Diana Stadion.

Het doet mij deugd dat de voetbalstadions vanaf gisteren weer voor honderd procent gevuld mogen worden.