Español Nederlands

Instituto Cervantes Benelux has built up a file of about 600 companies with Spanish speaking contacts. Sections: exportation, mother daughter company, tourism, transport, development collaboration. Among these companies research can be done to the need of intensive courses in Spanish, trainings in Dutch-Spanish Intercultural Management and management trainings in Spain. Instituto Cervantes Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and Wales counts in this field furthermore with the collaboration of the Dutch-Spanish Centre for Trade Promotion, the Dutch Chambers of Commerce, the Federation of Dutch Employers Organizations VNO/NCW, the Dutch Desk Spain of the ABN AMRO bank, the Spanish embassy in the Netherlands, the Dutch embassy in Madrid, the Spanish Tourist Board in The Hague, the Dutch embassy in BRUSSELS and the Government of Great Britain.

Tuesday 25th of May 2004: The contents of this customers analysis has been strongly antiquated. The founder of this company has built up this file of companies in 1986 as the founder/member of the board of the foundation STICHTING BEROEPSGERICHTE OPLEIDINGEN (SBO )in collaboration with the Employment Office of Amsterdam (Peter Stoks). In January 1988 he resigned definitively from the board of governors of the SBO. The file of companies still has to be transferred by SBO to the foundation Stichting Cervantes Benelux, as far as that has not been done yet. Also the former management of the Dutch Centre of Trade Promotion (NCH) has made available a list of companies. These files have never been used however. The information has been lost in the course of the years. Besides Instituto Cervantes Benelux has carried out a maling in December 1996 to the Presidents of the Boards of Directors of a number of Dutch multinationals which are active in Spanish speaking countries. The companies in question are mentionned on page 34 of the book Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales. The data have been made available at that time bij the Chamber of Commerce of the Dutch town of Nijmegen. No reactions have been received until now. In my letter Baak-kring to Mr. George Görtemöller I have asked his collaboration in further marketing investigation, as been mentionned in the letter Teambuilding.