Español Nederlands Name The company will get the name KONINKLIJKE LUCHTVAART MAATSCHAPPIJ CERVANTES (Benelux), ROYAL CERVANTES AIRLINES (United Kingdom and British Commonwealth) en/of REALES LÍNEAS AÉREAS CERVANTES (Spain and Latin America). Board of Directors
Will be appointed by the General Assambly of Shareholders Objective
Air company. Shareholders
KLM, Air Europa, Iberia, British Airways, VLM, Bank Cervantes Benelux. Executed actions
Letters to the royal houses of The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Spain, the United Kingdom and their governments. Actions to be executed
Fusion of KLM, VLM, Martinair, Air Europa, Iberia and British Airways Developments 13 NOVEMBER 2006 Fusion of Iberia and British Airways as described in Dutch at ROYAL CERVANTES AIRLINES IN DE MAAK.

SUNDAY 29 JULY 2012 ASTURIAS-MADRID-MALAGA MET IAG READ: "Last 21 JUNE in MADRID we held the first General Shareholders Meeting of IAG, the company that was created through the merger of Iberia and British Airways, ands which is now the third largest airline group in Europe by income and the sixth largest in the world. In its first year of its life, and in spite of the difficult economic sdituation, IAG had operation profit of 485 million euros and trasnported 52 million passengers. At present, both companies generate joint income of 16.3 billion euros, have a fleet of 349 planes and fly to more than 200 destinations. A year and a half afterthe merger, as pr4esident of IAG and Iberia I feel proud to have taken one of the fundamental steps toward consolidating the air transport industry. I am sure that most of you will agree with me that globalisation is an indisputable fact whose effects are increasingly clear. For example each day customers legitately demand more and better service in the world's principal marketsd, and there's no doubt that the airlines need to join forces so as to meet this demand, develop and reach the level of competitiveness necessary to guarantee their future. In today's climate of economic uncertainty, where the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has predicted losses on the order of 1.1 billion euros this year, it is essential to have teams that are prepared to meet and overcome great challenges. In this sense,I can assure you that IAG has the people, the strategy, the focus, the management and the capacity to be much more competitive, because at the heart of the companies thatr make up the Group we have teams that are prepared to overcome the great challenges we face in this time of crisis. In spite of the difficulties, we are obsessed with improving our service day by day, something I can assure you we will continue to do in the future. ANTONIO VÁZQUEZ President of the Iberia Group."

In The Kingdom of the Netherlands the founder of the FOUNDATION CERVANTES BENELUX prefers as capital establishment of this business unit SOESTDIJK PALACE.