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Zo heb ik berichten doorgekregen op 19/2 04:06, 19:57, 18:21, 19:27, 19:32, 21:21, 21:35, 22:20,; 20/2 00:20, 00:38, 01:41. Ze komen vrijwel allemaal uit de Verenigde Staten. Het aardigste bericht is dat van 19:27 van Barbara Bealll: The Post Office proved to be "my best friend" again today with the arrival of two more envelopes. One came from the Spencer Society. The other came from the same person who sent me the envelope full of material earlier in the week. I glanced through this person's second package and jumped up and down when I saw what it contained. That material is old and hard to read, and it was obtained at the Tennessee State Archives in Nashville. But, it is the first actual documentation I have been able to acquire in writing stating that John Spencer (Sheriff of Maury County) had a daughter named Susannah, or Susan (the name she actually used)! The material also ties in Thomas Sharpe Spencer (a/k/a "Big Foot") with this family! There is so much of information here, I think I am going to write an addendum to my Spence/Spencer article on Rootsweb. Instead of pulling that material in a month (as I planned to do)--I'm going to add this information and then leave that article on the website for another six months. Plus--I have acquired new information from my own research that I plan to incorporate. And while I am at it, I think I will add all of the South Carolina research I had previously undertaken--plus the Connecticut Spencer material I have also acquired. So, this addendum is going to be another full section to the material already posted. I will let you know when it is available. Barbara Dr. Barbara Inman Beall, Ph.D, BIBeall@email.msn.com, BBeall43@yahoo.com Lancaster-Wormiston Press. P.O. Box 173. Broomfield, CO 80038-0173. Home Page and for Access to Website: http://mail.ancestry.com/ancestry/users/bibeall Ik denk dat ik mijn Letters to Diana ook maar op deze mailinglist moet zetten. Dan is mijn probleem in één klap opgelost. Ik zal hiermee wachten tot aanstaande donderdag. Als ik dan nog niets van je heb gehoord per email of anderszins, ga ik ervan uit dat je daarmee accoord gaat. Graag ontvang ik ook op korte termijn de emailadressen van de leden van de Baak-kring. Ik zal ze niet gebruiken vóór 1 juni van dit jaar. Hartelijke groet, JOHANNES L. VAN DER HEYDEN ESPAÑA P.S. Bijgaand briefje kreeg ik van ene Manon Bakker op de luchthaven van Málaga. Zij heeft daar enige tijd gewerkt en wil ons behulpzaam zijn bij de organisatie van het Congres. Tijd: 13.16.