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Dear Mrs. MacMillan, With pleasure I herewith send you three Christmas stories for The House. I hope you will enjoy them. With kind regards.

Christmas 1991

"People don't like difficult questions without an answer"

Once upon a time...........

In a house on the border of a forest once lived a man
from whom was said that he originated from the times of Atlantis,
from whom was said that he had experienced extra planetary worlds.

The man had been a child and had looked around.
As a child he saw that the children around him
the people around him,
did not understand each other.

Everyone spoke his own language,
but most people did not hear what was been said.
Whom was not understood,
was attacked.

Everyone created his own limitations and everyone knew
what was good for mankind.

The minister knew it well....
The priest knew it well....
The teacher knew it well....
The professor knew it exactly.....
Even the pope and the president of the United States
thought that they knew the truth.....

And everyone had many followers

And nevertheless it seemed if they did not understand each other and built systems for that reason. Little systems and big systems of groups of people who understood each other well or reasonably about little things, but who did not understand how to reach each other really however.

Of the peoples around him he learned the languages.
From a book.
The languages of the peoples in the darkness.
His thoughts went further more to the regions of
the light....


He went back in the time....
Back to what once was the centre.....
of the earth.....
He was back in the time.....
2000 years.....

The Sun went down over the everlasting
landscape of Latium.
He climbed a hill and saw the world...
The Via Appia.
He saw the hosts entering into the city...
on their way to the Forum.

For one moment he was:

Julius Caesar....

just a human being...

And he heard a song

"Day after day
alone on a hill
The man with the foolish grin
is keeping perfectly still

Nobody seems to know him
And he knows that he's just a fool
And nobody seems to notice
but the fool on the hill

sees the world going round
and the eyes in his head
see the world spinning round..."

And he saw the people on the Via Appia
And he heard them talk
And he also could understand them

Because he had learned their language.
They did not know....
and continued their walk.

Then he went to that other warm Land of white and
of sun and light,
of golden yellow
and blood red

The Land of the Inquisition
The Land of Nobility
The Land of Honour
The Land of "the man with his hand on his chest"

He heard the people
They spoke again another language
Just like 300 million others

And he learned also their language

Now he would be able to speak with almost a billion of people

In Spanish....
In Italian.....
In French.....
In English.....
In German.....
In Dutch.....

And he got acquainted with a knight

who fought for his ideals...
A knight, who had been put into the world as a fool,
but who has pronounced the wisest speeches
ever since the bible had seen the daylight
The Inquisition was strong at those days

Meanwhile the man spoke all those "foreign" languages
And gathered hundreds of people around him
Thousands quenched their thirst of languages
on his Source
This became His Organization

Then also grew his insight

"En este mundo es el dinero
el gran agitador..."

"Not tomorrow but now"'

he thougt...
and he went away....

"Cuanto más rico es uno
Más pobre es su valor
El que tiene dinero
No es de sí señor".

Then he went to the sauna
Like he did some years already
In a warm whirlpool he took place
And with the bubbles the ideas arose..

And then!!!
The surprise attack!!!!
In the name of justitia!!!!

Everything would him being deprived of.....
Like Job

Anger with the other.....

Thanks to Don Dinero......

They had not understood him.
The man thought:

"Forgive it them Lord, because they don't know what they are doing"

and kept alone his Believe
Believe in that what he did was Right
and he trusted in Justice


The man also had a friend
He had learned to know him in His Organization
and spoken with him in the whirlpool
With him he builded another new organization
a sort of steamboat enterprise:

The Enterprise

Herewith the man and his friend should make
a new trip
Without Don Dinero
To a bright future,
a future without bounderies....

The Man changed his friend into a Captain
and he himself left his ship when Don Dinero struck

When Don Dinero struck, they fought side by side

"Brothers in arms" they were until the moment of triumph


On what?

And justice got her course.... it became light!
But one thing the man had discovered:
He or she who understands the man,
still has to come.

And she came with the light
She carried the torch of a New Spririt
She had discovered him and gave him his place
She gave him a lot of light.....

And the man demolished the wall with them who were Don Dinero
Because, were'nt they human beings?
Did 'nt they speak a same sort of language?

He wrote a poem
On occasion of Saint Nicholas
Not concrete anymore,
because the spirit of the inquisition had not vanished yet.....

He had a new dream....
A dream of red and yellow....

But what can do a knight with a dream,
if he has no Lady to fight for?

Then again the darkness struck
and the Lady let him go

in black he received the message

The Captain of The Enterprise had seen
that The Man had a problem.
He was "torne between two lovers"
or "torne between two loves?"

He heard about the strike in the darkness
and about the Lady who's wine he had been drinking

Danger threatened the Lady......

The Captain had a new "brother in arms"
The King from the land of The Man
The Man spoke with The King
en heard his story
about The Man and The Lady
The King did not like The Lady

The Man and The Captain
again stepped into the whirlpool
And again ideas came up...
But now in conflict with honour and consciousness
The King had droven a wedge in The Man

Then he retired into the land of
the Gilded Man

And started there a new combat

Then The Man thought that he was a prince
and the Lady the beautiful princess,
which he could awake out of her sleep.
The beautiful princess once let him talk with one of her advisers.

He created himself a way through the big forest of trees,
bushes, thistles and thornes, that he once had been sowing himself

And he sowed again......


One day he received a letter of the princess.
She wrote him that she had no need to speak
about her feelings,
but was prepared to speak about the future of the prince.
His commercial future.

Everything around him the prince had already destroyed.....
Everything that in his opinion would brake the princess
in her growth....

Then he went to her.
He spoke about what happened to him.
He did not ask for her feelings, but he saw.....

His chakra breathed the spirit....
His view had been directed to the roses...
Red and pink roses....

But was it real????

The businesslike issue was a contract
and a hand shake...
Still not yet congruent.....

That was not her fault.
He also had not spoken untruth

And the "partner" then???
also businesslike...

During that conversation.

It was not good...
And it was not bad...

The boundary between Love and respect is even as clear
as between sea and beach

The "partner" is much more... and real!!!

The Man wrote the Captain

The Captain...
He kept silent....

Then it became Christmas.....
Christmas 1991......

The man sent a postcard to the princess,
also for the benefit of her total household


In this magical
new year of

I wish you


respect for...
trust in...
love for.... and
believe in...

each other

also as the basis for
a commercial


And see, it succeeded in those days
That a messenger arrived
from the princess and her ladies in waiting,
the pillars of a
New Spirit,

Un Nuevo Espíritu....
Un Nuevo Horizonte.....
Un Nuevo Futuro...

A New Light

thought The Man

He also thought about the Via Appia....
Quo Vadis....?
and became the Rock to which he had been called for!!!


"He had to choose between Love and Responsibility
For a while he chose for the last, but what's the difference?"

Christmas 1992

Then it became 1992
The year of the country of the Sun
The year of the country of yellow and red
The year of yellow and red

The man...
He went away
Back to the city
where it once started

Back to
Back to the city
where once his world was gathered

He took place in a boat
And let himself drive away on the stream
The stream
that brought him
to an old place

A place on the river

A place where he once had been sitting
with the Captain

Afterwhile he went on wandering
He went for search
For search to whom was not there...
but still be present

He searched for the living among the deaths...
Then the Man wrote a letter
A letter to his princess

He wrote that he had seen a New Vision
of a Heart
The Heart of an Organization,

To the Holy Heart he went.

He wrote:
"It was not possible
to climb zigzagging
the Mountain of the Martyrs
and so he climbed right ahead

In the mystical room
he lighted a big candle
on the right side of the
Holy Virgin
with the
Holy Heart

That candle
he replaced it
to the other side

In the footsteps of
Toulouse Lautrec
and Van Gogh

afterwhile he has been meditating a while
on the Place du Tertre.

Then he came to a conclusion:

An artist only becomes famous
after his or her death
And a martyr too

He wrote the princess that he had been fighting
a lot
and that he had no need
to remain
a martyr any longer.....

Then the Man had to break...

To break with his past...

And he went away

On his way to the
Land where once the Inquisition had been born

but also
to the
Land of 1992

To a New Land
With a New Spirit

Where his brothers lived

To the Land of
The Knight...

And the Land of...

Again he spoke with them
In their own language
and was welcomed like a king

He reflected



Dulcinea..... ?


He went to
El Toboso

The village of Dulcinea

There he wrote her a letter
and he realized one thing:

He was not
The Knight any longer
He was sitting
next to him...

But still
his Fantasy
now had become

Like a don Quijote he continued his way
In his Mazda "Rocinante"

Until the furthest reachable point of this continent
in the direction he had chosen

He was carried away in a Feast
In a big Feast

In a Feast
on which the eyes of the whole world
were directed

Also the feast of
Moors and Christians

Also a farewell
to his old life

and the beginning

of a new life....

In the same city
His Holy City


Here he swore
a Holy Oath

Like the Bible says:
"God has sworn the oath"
in Hebrew:


The beginning of a New Organization:


The Dream of Red and Yellow.

Then the Man went another time to The King
The King now had other ideas about the Princess

And the Captain?
The captain came back.

Then the man went another time
to the Princess.

Back for the very last time...

The very last time???

The man has a strong faith....
But he would never believe that:

The Princess again had given him the most beautiful
present that he could wish:

She had gone to the limits of her capacity
to be in keeping with his thoughts

Then he also returned The Friend
The Friend of The Enterprise
Their Enterprise

He came with a present....
A spiritual present...

Spiritual Music

The Music
The chakra...

The Music
The Spirit

The Music of Spiritual Partnership

Then The man wrote another postcard
to the Princess:

knows no limits

I wish you much power
in the new year
to go beyond
apparent limitations

and to walk
in collaboration
a New Future


a new year

Then he looked to his candle
who's flame
was directed
goal oriented
the top!

Christmas 1996

The Annus Horribilis

The Man had only been surrounded
by criminals

So he had to solve that

And he did

With the help of a lot of friends
All over the world

And the years passed by.......

The year of 1996

A Royal Year

The Man he looked into the eyes
of the Queen of Spain

and the Queen
of the Netherlands

He headed towards a Lighthouse
and went
to the other side
The Land of Hope and Glory
And chose for another combination
Red and Purple

He lighted a candle
In Canterbury Cathedral
And then he saw a Princess
on the bridge behind his house

He saw that She was lonely
And a present was delivered:

Mr. Baldy
And now he knows
How to grow hair
on Mr Baldies head

He knows that he is The Bold
But kept only one question
Who is The Beautiful?

To solve that problem
he decided to start
The New Organization

and called himself


Merry Christmas Everybody