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Saturday, 8-02-1997
The Verdict of yesterday was a great relieve. We won the first battle for Justice in this country. It is a Royal Victory. The Imperial Victory has yet to come. Here we go again. From now on I communicate that I am going to live in Stratford to build up the organization. I will listen to 'Peace and Tranquility' this evening. My former colleague working at KPMG called. She cannot accept my offer because she has to little insight in the market and hates languages. Nevertheless KPMG will remain an excellent partner to check the finances as expressed in my former letter. For this reason I consented her to keep the Business Plan. Now I need a heavyweight to replace me in the Netherlands. I will discuss this next Wednesday. Sent a letter to the Head Public Prosecuter of the Court of Justice of Amsterdam. Saw the front page of 'The Mirror' of today. I will not go through the streets of ETON and Stratford that way although I go once in a week to the sauna where all visitors treat each other with mutual respect. I agree completely with your reaction. I will go into meditation this evening and go to bed early. There will never be anyone who will haunt you out of your country. Monarchy may not be damaged anymore. By no one. Read articles 'In Albion bestaat geen democratie', 'Minderheid regeert Groot-Brittannië' and 'Paleis Het Loo als inspiratie voor de tsaar' in NRC. I listened several times disc number one of 'Peace and Tranquility'. I hope this record can be played the
28 of September in the Anglican Chapel of Paleis Het Loo and We will be there together. ¡I Love You Diana. De Verdad! I need Someone to fight for. Like every Knight.