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Monday, 10-03-1997
Cancer: 'By paying more attention to the wishes and loveds they will absolutely stand behind you. Don't play financial games.Prefer to avoid the sales'. Your friends in the Netherlands will stand behind you. That's for sure. I also do hope that you will not bring your purple dress of 1991 into the sales. Virgo: 'Although you are optimistic this morning you might change your mood during the afternoon. Irritation is useless. Continue your life and concentrate on business you can handle alone'. I will write her a letter to make working agreements. Scorpio: 'Perhaps today you will deal with other activities than normally. Loyal friends will help you in that situation. Financial support is easier to get than before. Probably you have to sign an agreement'. Probably my friends did not understand my situation as it really is. Now that I have explained it in my letter I may imagine that they will help me. I do not doubt about their loyalty. They have always been a great support to me but it is very difficult to understand situations. Particularly when some things have to be kept secret. I asked fiancial support to Prince Willem Alexander and Prince Filip of Belgium. I also hope that Venture Capital Companies will decide to participate in my company as soon as possible. Today I will also have contact with my lawyer in order to reach an
agreement with the Association Instituto Cervantes in Madrid. Tonight the president of the Valkhof Foundation will be my guest and tomorrow I will be Going Virtual on 'de Baak' again, dealing with 'The importance of Information Technology for international banking'. Next week I hope to inform you about more changes. With love. Yours sincerely.