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Wednesday, 26-03-1997
The English patient
got nine Oscars. The Dutch patient is still patient but received a package of de Baak today with an empty chair on the envelope, an invitation for the 22 of April concerning SP2000 and the messages 'agresivo: 'quiero mucho mas' and 'joyeux: 'constater une ressemblance'. Today I went to nebib in Maarssen after having investigated the nebib newsletter from which I translate some passages: (1) 'Just in the willingness to collaborate the success of the Informal Investor is to be found. He only does it for people and companies which he understands and find it worthwhile. That works so positive, that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.' (2) 'A real 'Business Angel' does not let him or herself been manipulated or commanded and has a sound hate of busybodies, unrequested advices or sellers of services.' (3) 'The first date! Analogue to the thought that NeBIB works as a good marriage agent, the first contact between two parties can be regarded as a 'blind date'. That promises something! Indeed, but on the other hand still completely nothing. A first acquaintance is nothing else but that. If you find a nice consort in social life, it is not sensible to start talking about marriage and children within 10 minutes, that frightens. It brings the consort in embarrasment, he (or she) has to commit him or herself in a too early stage or just not. That is not done and besides not funny.' This is rather good although I think a possible consort has the right to know my intentions.

My goal orientation will lead me to Victoria Station on April 22. The collaboration relationship proposed by Mr B.G.M. Lacor has been accepted by me. I think Mr Edwards from the United Kingdom will play an important role in the game. Today I received an invitation for the reopening of the St. Nicholas Chapel on The Valkhof on Sunday the 6th of April that I accept with great pleasure. I also made a deal with my eldest son. I will possibly buy an appartment in Utrecht where he and his friends can live and study.