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Saturday, 9-08-1997
I just posted a letter for E. concerning 'Diana'. What is bothering me is the photograph on page one of The Mirror of today. Of course I understand that you are happy having found someone who can give you support and peace of mind and besides he is rich. Although I see you shine as a matter of fact I feel very sad. It's the first time I believe that I write something about my feelings. I feel if I lost someone. Having had the possibility to write my story to you, although I don't know if you ever read a word of it, has given me strength last year. It has given me the strength to hold on and to go on on the same track and I still have some hope. I made already travelling plans to New York and Hollywood but I can not go without a partner. Brave I Loved You! Since last year I have told all my friends what a wonderful person you are. What you have done for other people. You have been my inspiration during the past year and I hope that you have read all my letters before next Monday, when I will come again to Kensington and I do hope that Peter Pan did not fly back to Kensington for nothing. I will not read the articles in The Mirror and the Daily Mail of today. I will keep them for the record and for the future perhaps and turn to the English horoscope that I can not find in The Mirror of today. That will not be a coincidence I suppose. Exactly today a year ago I visited Stratford for the first time.