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Monday 20-01-97
I hope you received my first weekly report in good order. I have had delivered the letter by EMS Express courier service. Last night I sent a fax to Secretary Sorgdrager with the message that I don't want to be bothered by criminal organizations nor by their lawyers. My friend Rob Hoogland had a very nice column in de Telegraaf today regarding this situation. Other friends communicate by means of advertising boardings of Alrecon. I noticed one with fishes and the yellow message 'Gusty - Everyone is talking about it'.This has to do with 'Pisces' in the horoscope. Today you made Mr. John Galliano a very lucky man. Now he can take the lead at the house of Dior. Also Jean Paul Gaultier with his Purple Line. Who is next? Your horoscope advices you not letting abuse your hospitality. William and Harry need your undivided attention, your love and compassion. Today I study the history of their ancestors. Very interesting, also the relationship of my ancestors and the Tudors. Virgo (Elizabeth) 'A worthwile friendship can start when you join your forces with a colleague'. I think it would be wise that my number two will do so. I advised my friend to follow his horoscope 'Pisces' as well. He is very good in keeping things secret and invent creative ideas. With reference to your flower power as expressed in The Sun of November 11, 1996 I introduce new codes for the four positive powers included in my correspondence.

Good news. The Court of Justice of Amsterdam decided to resist the pressure of the defenders of the biggest criminal organization our country has known in this century. The officer of justice even had the courage to pronounce that the defense earn hundreds of thousands of guilders in criminal money.

Very important the inauguration of Mr. Clinton and Mr. Gore. The Vice President wore a purple tie. The colour of the year 2000. A choir sang 'God save the King' wearing red, white and blue stripes: the Dutch flag, but also the colours of the Union Jack. This is the symbol of the bridges that We are building. You and I. We share the same ideas and everyone may call us partners. You are the bridge with the United States and Mr. Clinton must know me as well. The 25th of July last year I sent two faxes to our Prime Minister in order to ask him to transmit my personal support to Mr. Aznar for the benefit of his desired Presidency of the Instituto Cervantes in Spain. Mr. Kok and Prince Willem Alexander presented the Olympic Games in Atlanta at that time. A short time later a bom exploded in Centennial Park and Mr. Clinton decided immediately to collaborate with all intelligence services of the civilized world in order to combat international terrorism. The inaugural speech of Mr Clinton of today I could have written it myself. It is the expression of the ideas that we share already for a long time. Not only America has a mission. Europe also has and my friend Mr Kok now has the great responsibility to preside the European Union in which all of us will have our own responsibilities for ourselves and for our neighbours. We all have to keep our promises and will be guided by the human heart.

The bridge in Henley and the bridge behind my house are the very starting points of the New Age that is to come. This evening at 22.00 journalist Peter de Vries will reveal the results of the case study I made during the years 1991 - 1993. Holland is going to look into The Mirror today. I will record the broadcast on video after Andrew Neil's words of last October the 8: 'He or She who laughs last laughs longest'.