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Monday, 17-02-1997
Got awake with heavy heart beats. I think I need some help of the heart foundation. Therefore it will be wise not to go to live alone in a house in England, but with company around. I will inform at some members of the Lion's Club in Stratford to facilitate lodging and boarding to me. I must not go and live alone in a house anymore. I prefer to live in a family. I would appreciate if you could make some recommendations. What do you think about the clowns in the picture? I sent my Certificate of Incorporation already to the estate agencies Fishans, Maxwell Heppell and Co., Marcets, Setnekham, Setnek & Son and Bingerd with the following message:

"I herewith have the honour to send you the Certificate of Incorporation of the Private Limited Company Instituto Cervantes Limited that I recently founded. I want to establish the head office of this new organization in Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare's birthplace. Therefore I will move to Stratford in due course and I am looking for an appartment or a house in Stratford or the near surroundings. Therefore I kindly request you to send me the information you have of the houses for sale in that region. At this moment not only the liability of the company is limited, but also the budget. So I ask you to send me the information about all price classes you can offer."

Our common allies also can be found in the Lion's Club of Stratford and of course the family on the enclosed photograph. I like to know something more about the Anglican religion. I feel attracted to your church services. That's all for now. Till next week. With love. P.S. I will not abuse the situation but I do want to marry you!