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Saturday, 14-06-1997
Fourteen again today. Last night I was seriously injured. I woke up during my dream. I dreamt of you - for the first time - and a golden heart. I stood up and fell and saw your picture on the wall, on a green brochure and a silver crown. It reminds me also of the story that a mother told to her child yesterday in the train from Arnhem to Utrecht. It was a story about a queen with the name
Margaret and a captain called Sydney and I thought of your trip to Sydney last October and the presents that I received on that occasion. It's not a dream. It's real. I love you. I can not get you out of my mind. You are always there. And not only in my mind of course. I read an article about Napoleon and the Eurotop in Amsterdam that will be dominated by 'men'. I don't believe that. It's You who will dominate that Eurotop. I am sure of that. In the minds of our state's leaders. 'The rose in the fist wakens warm feelings in everyone'. You are on the front page of de Telegraaf today with the message ' Woman - Diana - reborn', page TA5 and I see you on the front page of 'Vanity Fair' and I read 'The first thought is a lookalike. But no. She really is. With the head uplifted full of self confidence and free of the royal golden cage that threatened to smother her. In the July number the mother of the future king of England is to be admired on twelve pages. She shows her favourites of the 79 dresses that will be auctionned on 25 June in New York at Christie's. Because, as Diana states herself, she will not be invited at BUCKINGHAM PALACE anymore.'

I showed your photograph with the purple cap - that I am wearing in my wallet - to the guards of BUCKINGHAM PALACE on 17 April. I propose myself to go back to BUCKINGHAM PALACE some time with you together, as visitors, to see the Gobelins tapestries featuring the exploits of Don Quixote, for example, given to George IV by Richard Gosway. Colonel Ross knows me very well already! I also see the article Adel voelde zich in NOORDWIJK thuis (Nobility felt themselves home in NOORDWIJK) on page TA49 and noticed a British flag on enclosed brochure of my former queen of the coast. I am the rainbow between you and her and she will be the bridge between you and me (EW and NBL). I am convinced of that. I saw her for the last time in 1992 and she told me - I repeat - not to lean on anybody but myself and 'next year we will both have a prosperous business'. I think I am aware now what she meant by that at that time and I am really sorry that you had to wait so long. But from now on we will go ahead together. In my imagination you are my partner already, but I think it's real. Love!

I hear the sound of a helicopter and I read the horoscope. I think of the family Quarles van Ufford. I may be wrong but I think it may be right to work alone 'to build a new bridge from the London Lighthouse to the Neude'. The Benelux, England and Wales will be the strongest combination in the European Union. Now we have to reach a compromise with Spain as well. I hear the chimes of the Dom Tower on the Domplein. It's up to them now to reach a compromise. I have done what I could until now. So it's their turn to come with a positive idea and I will buy that number of Vanity Fair of course to look in your eyes again!

I forgot the final words of the article on page TA5: 'The revenues go to charity purposes'. So I may understand that the Cancer Fund is not the only destination. The future European Cervantes Foundation will gratefully accept your contribution. The account number of the Foundation Cervantes Benelux is still Postbank 4729266, but now in Utrecht.

Next week on Saturday 21 June I will go to the sauna and fitness centre of the Hotel Oranje in Noordwijk. I am really looking forward to get back again. Walk through the centre of the town. We call it 'management by walking around'. In Hotel Hoog Brabant I collaborated in a market research. I think there were only two candidates and the lady who was asking the questions could not oppress her silent laughing and recorded everything on a tape with my consent. She showed me five posters. The first one with three sailormen with their back to the coast and their noses to England, the second one was about a play of Herman Heijermans, the writer of the theatre play Op Hoop van Zegen (Hoping for Blessing) and the last one of a love story, apparently of a Dutch gentleman and an English girl. Afterwards I met mr Elco Brinkman, former leader of our Christian Democratic Party. He recognized me at once. Finally someone who knows me. I am glad to be back in Utrecht. The second time I saw him passing in his car and he waved friendly. Perhaps he also recognized my umbrella of the Royal Shakespeare Company, because it was about to rain. But one thing was pretty clear: he had a lot of fun and I as well. Of course mr Brinkman is the unexpected visitor. He also forms part of the Strategic Perspective 2000 programme. So where are We waiting for. I can imagine that you will wait until having sold all your dresses. But that is on next 25 June already. So in the weekend of 12 July there won't be any problem left. That will be a perfect situation for a New Start. I will go to TopStart during the Eurotop. So We can say on 16 June The Top Starts. Next Tuesday I intend to visit Henry IV of Shakespeare. Old soldiers never die.

'Let's do what we can together. Give a little love, give a little hope. We can make this new world better'. That's a nice song and I believe it's true. Had dinner in Grand Restaurant Le Connaisseur (not in Kensington) and an intensive confidential conversation with a lady who was acquainted with Baron van Rijckevorssel from Wassenaar, known at BUCKINGHAM PALACE. The article on page TA49 in de Telegraaf is interesting. It tells the story of Huis ter Duin. For example The British were the first seaside visitors. 'European nobility, businessmen and artists soon flet themselves attracted to NOORDWIJK. In hotel Huis ter Duin they found themselves at home. So you have to be there next weekend. I read that after the Eurotop all Governmental Leaders will get a bycicle of Lord Mayor Patijn. Is'nt it cute? That must be an idea of Robert Rubinstein or one of his friends. I sent a fax message to mr Rob Hoogland of de Telegraaf regarding that beautiful idea of Mr Patijn.