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Tuesday, 29-07-1997
T13 confirms my theory in my last letter. I think it will be wise to stay away from that scene. I wonder who has my passport at the moment. I also wonder in which way money will come in. I also visited yesterday the ROI (Rijks Opleidings Instituut voor de Overheid = State's Educational Institute for the Government) in The Hague. They participate in the Government Game Competition. I think it will be a good idea to give them the plan as well with the request how they can provide money.

Back from Amsterdam. Had a short conversation with the security officer of Paleisstraat 1, saw a video-tape of Ron L. Hubbard and noticed that there were some persons present from Saint Hill Manor. Had a conversation with the Englishman 'Ian'. He had worked some years as head of Division 6 (Public Division). I discussed my plans with him and he found it 'Superb'. So this time my Communication Course was on OT3 Level. I noticed that an I.Q. of 138 was called 'genial' by Mr Hubbard. I have that I.Q. So I read with satisfaction on page 11 of 'The Sun' 'Di was engrossed in the Financial Times as she left her West London gym yesterday. With 17 million pounds from her divorce, she is obviously looking for some healthy interest'. When you invest the capital in the Holding Company, We will have not any problem to find investors in the other companies. I left a copy of my fax message of 22 July to Winnie for Ruth Abraham, for the record. In the train to Utrecht I met a couple who just arrived from a sailing tour from London to Amsterdam. The lady was wearing a red shirt with a lighthouse. As this remembered me of the London Lighthouse I told them my story. I trust in You. Fax message to Earls Court Gym.