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Wednesday, 30-07-1997
We have to go ahead.
I delivered a letter with the following message in the post box of Professor Knol: 'Date: 30 July 1997. Concerns: Policy Plan. Dear Mr Knol, I received Your fax message of this morning 07:47AM (Greenwich Time) in good order. Herewith you receive answer to your questions.What is London? Who is supposed to become the "boss". London' is depicted on enclosed article. She also has to become the "boss". Me as well as a matter of fact. It's funny that I derive from a high noble family. Don't You think so? Our Home Secretary still has to get used to it, but in England it will be appreciated in any case.

How do you get your Business Units? As soon as investors can bring in capital existing companies can be acquired. Who pays the managers when there are still no revenues? Ideally managers invest their own capital in order to generate their own return on investment. That are the best. Next this is going to be an own responsibility of the companies that bring in their capital in the business units. This concerning I think on the first place of editors like Elsevier, Wolters-Kluwer and eventually Spanish and British editors, such as the supplyers of Intertaal in Amsterdam (a bookshop providing language courseware from all over the world). Suppose they bring in a joint capital of shares of 10 million guilders, then this amount can be invested at a high interest of 13% (I think of Nigel o'Sullivan). So that will be 1.3 million guilders. From that amount some managers can be paid. How is the competition with the many language institutes? That will finally disappear as snow before the sun as soon as the strongest language institutes are going to participate and transfer their Spanish oriented activities to our company. Must be possible. Boeing and Douglas have joint themselves as well. How do you get your courseware? That must be developed tailor made by specialists according to the needs of the client and based on the desired function profile of the functionary to be retrained. If necessary this can be completed by courseware to be obtained on the market. Therefore it is very worthwile that one or more editors will participate in the company. That is interesting for them, because that way they generate their own market. Who pays this everything? The Client. As you see 'a fool can ask more questions than a wise man can answer'. That's right. So it will be wise to handle this information very carefully regarding enclosed article and fax message to the State's Secretary of Justice. I am namely not very fond of maffia practices, as You probably know. Those who bother me as a rule land in prison or take their own lifes afterwards. But when will this process start? This process started five years ago. To be exact: on 22 April 1992, but has to be continued obviously. Your co-operation concerned is appreciated extraordinary. Do keep me informed. Hereby. Regarding the phone tapping practices in this country, Spain and the United Kingdom communication concerning persons by fax or telephone obviously will not be possible nor permitted by Us. For the good order I report You that I will send a a translation of this letter to 'London'. With kind regards. Also on behalf of My Partner. etc.etc. Enclosed: Article from The Sun, 29-07-1997, page 11. Article 'Murderer Versace was on party of his victim' (De Telegraaf 22-07-1997). Fax message to the Minister of Justice of 22-07-1997, 10.00 h 22 JULI 1997 VEILIGHEIDSMAATREGEL TER ATTENTIE VAN MINISTER SORGDRAGER VAN JUSTITIE VAN HET KONINKRIJK DER NEDERLANDEN." I also noticed that a discussion about Knighthood is starting up in Britain and Tony Blair proposed to reward good teachers with the noble title 'Sir'. That is a very good idea.