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Thursday, 31-07-1997
I read on T4 that the Anglican church does not recognize a divorce, although it was founded by Henry VIII, who married six times. It is a conversation with Lord St. John of Fawsly. His comment is 'Duty first!' and I agree completely. After the fitness I will go to Amsterdam: Intertaal, Paleisstraat 1 and IAS.
Back from Amsterdam. At Intertaal I had a phone call with Mr Paul Jansma, the managing director. I told him about the operationalization of the Business Units. I will offer the Spanish editors 'Edelsa' and 'SM' a participation in Education and Training. At Paleisstraat 1 I had a conversation with the girl of the reception and unfolded my plans. She advised me to make an appointment with the PR department in ROTTERDAM. I will. Then I visited Marks & Spencer in the Kalverstraat and had a rest on a terrace of the Leidseplein. There I read the article on page 23 of The Mirror and saw you in low profile with yellow flowers. I hope you are in your element. I note that you have been the patron for the Parkinson's Desease Society and you have done wonderful jobs. My father also has Parkinson. That is very sad after his long and active life. In 'American Hotel' I met Eleonore. She was in a very bad health's state unfortunately. In the Leidsestraat I bought a red and an orange umbrella. At 18.30 I left a note for Ruth at the Dianetics Centre. I have to be careful for security reasons. In the train from Amsterdam to Utrecht I spoke with a little group of sympathetic persons from Australia (Melbourne again). In Utrecht I assisted the presentation of the new purple Ford Ka and unfolded the red umbrella. The British horoscope. I point out the organizations that you supported during the last years: Barnardos, International Spinal Research Trust, Turning Point, Seeability, British Deaf Association, British Youth Opera, Debra, The Guinnes Trust and Parkinson's Desease Society. I note that under your patronate more than 249 million pounds have been raised during the last two years. You gave them life and now they are self supporting. That's what you did and this process will go on. I was called by Mrs Anneke Heineken of FAI Home Security on behalf of Mr Paul Karis (former Director Linguarama Netherlands and Institute of English Studies) with the request to participate in a Crime Prevention Program. I agreed and will be visited tomorrow by someone of that company. I also received an open application from someone from Canterbury. I sent her the following fax message after having called her: Application. Her English sounded fabulous. I consider her Curriculum Vitae very impressive and I think she could be a very good ambassador of the organization towards Russia because of her contacts on ministerial level.