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Monday, 11-08-1997
Not a 'Weekly Report' this time. Because next week at this moment I will be near to you. Neither a British horoscope. The time has come that We have to determine our horoscope ourselves and take up our mutual responsibilities. Until now I nearly only joined my information with you in order to take the most extreme carefulness and hoping that no one would interfere in the process. It has been a personal mistake to choose an Egyptian hotel last April. I hope this situation can be corrected. Because in my vision it has been abused. I sent a fax message to
Mrs Van Putten: 'This evening I have tried to call you. Contrary to other situations now I got your fax machine on the line. Thus this fax message. I hope that you have had contact with my beloved old-colleague L. Halbertsma of de Baak. Concerning my plan a complication has turned up as a consecuence of an intervention out of Egyptian angle. Meanwhile I concentrated for hundred percent on My Lady and I can hardly let her loose. What this means Liesbeth can tell you that very well. When I go for someone, I go for the full 1000 percent. It does not matter Who, but when my choice is fixed, it's fixed. And when I caught something/someone I will never let loose. A year I have dealt with her. It does not sound businesslike, but in fact it is. Half April of this year I spent some days in a hotel runned by Egyptians in Earls Court, Kensington. This situation at the moment has been abused by someone from Egypt. Nevertheless I will go there next week and within the framework of the slogan 'Don't make strangers of those who stay at home' I herewith send you the data of my journey of next week. I hope that afterwards THE PROJECT will stand on the rails. P.S. I don't blame Her. She just has been abused by a playboy and she is still too young to realise what has happened. It does cost me a lot of energy and I hope to survive it again." I listen to 'Crazy' of Julio Iglesias, who still has his girlfriend from the Netherlands carrying his baby thanks to MY intervention!