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Instituto Cervantes NBLEW. P.O. Box 689. NL 3500 AR UTRECHT Kingdom of Netherlands. His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. St. James's Palace. LONDON SW1A 1BS UNITED KINGDOM. Date: 18 September 1998. Concerns: LAST WILL Reference: JH/PC980918. Dear Royal Highness, Today it is exactly a year ago that I visited the service in conmemorance of My Lady Diana Frances Spencer Princess of Wales in the Kloosterkerk in The Hague.

As You will know without any doubt I was planning to establish a new company together with Her. The fatal accident in Paris made an end to my planned joint venture for which I came to Britain in April of last year. From that moment on I chose to give You and Your Family my personal support during the time to follow. I interfered for example in a situation in which an Egyptian lawyer was preparing a process against the Queen. I stopped him in carrying out his plans informing the chairman of Harrods Knightsbridge that he would not have any opportunity to gain a success regarding the facts that I know. These days I noticed that you received a 400,000 pound bill bij former Prime Minister Mr John Major on behalf of the office of solicitors Boodle Hatfield. I establish that Mr Major has acted on his own account and has chosen the wrong solicitors. As far as my information reaches Princess Diana's last will has been made up in December 1996 by solicitor Mr Anthony Julius.

Nevertheless another team of solicitors seems to have worked hundreds of thousands of working hours to elaborate another will that is not in accordance with the express wishes of the deceased. I consider this kind of handling of the former Prime Minister as a default. Therefore I advise You not to pay the bill and publish the real last will of the Princess of Wales as soon as possible. For the good order I let you know that I sent copy of this letter today to the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street. I hope You will enjoy Your fiftieth birthday. Yours sincerely. John L. Van der Heyden. Netherlands. P.S. I hope You read my Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales with great care and interest. I delivered them last Christmas at BUCKINGHAM PALACE, KENSINGTON PALACE (Office of Diana), 10 Downing Street, Christie's King Street, Kings College Cambridge, Althorp House and Reverend David Brindley in Warwick.