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District Council Stratford on Avon, Mr Philip Homer. Date: 13 May 1997. Time: 13.05 Dutch Time. Concerns: Your ref: PH/pb. Number of pages: 1. Dear Mr Homer, I would like to thank you for our conversation on 28 April and your letter of last 2 May. I am grateful that you have studied the Business Plan and take notice of your conclusion that my proposals may be of interest to companies seeking to establish trade links with Spain the majority would utilise more traditional means. I can only hope that the change of government may also signify a change into new means. Mr Blair will visit Noordwijk next 23 May, where my plan was born. Regarding the Cervantes/Shakespeare scenario I think I can agree that any cultural link would best achieved through Direct liaison with Authorities in the Spanish Birthplace Town. I am very glad with your remark 'In closing may I take this opportunity to wish you success with your ventures into Europe and the USA'. Thank you very much indeed. INSTITUTO CERVANTES Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and Wales. JOHN VAN DER HEYDEN