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Saturday, 22-02-1997
I had a dream about the auction of your dresses. I must have proved your English patience as well considering that you already tried to change your agenda in november and we still have not had the occasion to speak each other. I read the news today o boy. Shocked again about what happened to our Foreign Minister. We have to act with so much care. Once I wrote a case with the title 'De Zaak N.I.E.T.S. B.V.' 'The Case Nothing Limited'. NIETS is the abbreviation of 'Nationaal Instituut voor Eigendomsbevordering Talen en Selfmanagement' 'National Institute for Property Promotion Languages and Selfmanagement'. In that case I determined Elizabeth to be 'Angela Vincente', the
Winning Angel. She can give you the right image of the case. She is a very good listener. Let's see which winning angels We can add to the team. That is our Foreign Minister. I will express my sincere feelings for him in my letter to the Prime Minister.
I visited the Symposium. The themes were interesting. I was charmed by the presentation of Ilse Logie (HIVT Antwerp): Manuel Puig: a new vision on mimeses. Also very interesting was the speech of Eva Reinders about the role of the women in Spanish society and the theme Studying Spanish on the 'autopistas de la información' of a group dealing with Business Communication. I surely will need them in the future. With a little group we went to the tapa bar ¿Qué Pasa?. I showed a Spanish lady your photograph with the Purple Cap 492 and told her 'La Quiero'.