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Sunday, 23-02-96
I finished my letter to the Prime Ministe that I will send tomorrow. I also sent a letter to Elizabeth and invited her and her husband in Lucaya next Tuesday to settle the business. At 18.00 I will see 'The English Patient'. You have had to many patience already. I am determined to start my educational activities in Britain from the first of April. I need to sell my historical house for at least a 400.000 pounds however. I will do my best. I also received a letter of the Court of Justice of Amsterdam that formalizes my claim. So we will have a celebration very soon. Back from town. I had a guidance through the
St. Steven's Church where Anna Charlotte de Bourbon is buried. I had an interesting conversation why she wanted to be buried there. Le Château de Bourbon in France is nearly next door to the Château de la Bruyère. On the Valkhof Park I met Mr. F. Boshouwers. He took the initiative to rebuild the castle. He promised me to do his best to finish the job in the year 2000 and I hope We can be there together. I was impressed by 'The English Patient' - in a theatre in the Ridderstraat (Knight Street) - and noticed some very familiar elements: the Red Cross and landmines. Of course the whole film moved me because of the romantic aspects: the intense love between a man and a woman and their dedication to each other. Their unity from heart to heart. In my vision the dying patient represents the old glorious past of Britain. When I left the theatre it was very crowded, but the crowd was very disciplined. They made a sort of corridor. So I could leave the theatre very easy. It is not a coincidence that I met Mr. Boshouwers. The new Valkhof Castle will be the new symbol of the European Union and five Royal Houses will be there on the 25th of December of the year 2000. That is what I believe and where I will work for.