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Wednesday, 5-03-1997
Two important chances have risen today. I received a letter of Robert Rubinstein, editor of the magazine SOURCE. I met him on the 13th of November last year. I will send him an article about the development of Instituto Cervantes. A second chance is a radio programme on Radio 5 this afternoon about Don Quijote.The magazine De Groene Amsterdammer of 8-01-97 published a story about a trip through La Mancha. The 11th of January I sent my diary to the editor about the same trip I made in 1992 and invited them in my foundation. At the time I identified myself with don Quijote and denominated Elizabeth to Dulcinea. Now I have another person in mind and I believe that our engagement is on its way. But of course I will give this relationship the chance to develop in its own speed. Therefore I must keep a 'pied-à-terre' here and will propose the new owners of my house to rent me a room after the transfer of ownership. Then I can remain a Dutchman as long as necessary. I will also send a reminder to De Groene Amsterdammer. I start with sending a fax message to Robert Rubinstein as the introduction of an article that I will send him by separate post. Tonight the lawyer had a very good conversation with someone in red and yellow (Spain). I sent a letter to Barber van der Pol, translator of the new Dutch edition of Don Quijote de la Mancha. She presented the Radio 5 programme this afternoon. I recognized all the situations where I had been in 1992. At that time I had my own Dulcinea.