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Friday, 21-03-1997
I start with an objective commentary on the complete story starting with the financing of the plan. I recall the advice of 22 April 1992.

First make clear your product, than choose governors.
Make clear objectives for every visit.
Develop different scenario's, choose afterwards.
Choose for developing, then look for a financier

This is the last stage. The financier or financiers have to part from my plan. Suppositions are out of order. Many parties are involved now: Dutch, Belgian, Spanish and British. Their points of view will be important. But I have to make a start. Starting tomorrow in Utrecht and choose priorities:

1. Schiphol Project
Cervantes à la Carte

Also the filling-in of the organogram will remain priority on organizational level. The most important issue of pisces is 'You find your best ally in your direct surroundings'. It reminds me of the Toyota of yesterday. All remarks of virgo are extremely important today. Specificly: 'Try to have more pleasure in a romantical relationship. Couples who have fun together will remain together'. I think this will be after the First of May. The most well chosen accessory will be the golden heart.

Fax to George and letter to Peter. This letter can become a new Canterbury Tale. The Toyota Carina is in heaven and the Lights are on. I am going to Oz now to enjoy life. In the sauna I got key number B100. It reminded me of Prince Filip of Belgium and I reacted with 120996, the date of the letter of support that I received from him. It also reminded me of my visit to our ambassador in Brussels Jhr Mr E. Röell on the sixth of November last year.