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Sunday, 11-05-1997
Mother's Day. Our Prime Ministers had a constructive lunch meeting at 10 Downing Street as shown on the front page of NRC Handelsblad of yesterday. My photograph is only on page
41. Without my consent however. The only one whom I authorized to act on my behalf is you. Within this matter I am glad with Mr Homer's remark 'In closing may I take this opportunity to wish you success with your ventures into Europe and the USA' because you are the only person to whom I have communicated this intention. I will discuss this situation next Wednesday. By the way: I like your hairstyle on page 3 of Weekend and the look in your eyes. I saw that look before! Love! The story on page 42 and 43 in 'Weekend' is interesting as well. I think Miss Bremers will be a very good lawyer, dealing with confidential matters. She was in red during her meeting with our Royal Family on Willem-Alexander's birthday speaking about an engagement and wedding date. I think they spoke about the 28 of September. Also Princess Irene was present. She knows me very well from the times that I did business in Madrid. I still have a letter from the time that Prince Carlos still was a little child and I had contact with his nanny.

Perhaps he could be a new member of the board of the European Cervantes Foundation. I think he will be the most appropriate candidate in the Netherlands because of his Spanish background. After the Family meeting Prince Claus, Mr Pieter van Vollenhoven and Prince Friso went to play golf in NOORDWIJK. Nice! The Golf movement started at the Wellenkamp. I think that I have to pay another visit to the Loo. I noted in my agenda on 14 July: Engagement. By the way: I received the umbrella of the Royal Shakespeare Company from Stratford. That is the new symbol of the foundation.