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Tuesday, 3-06-1997
I write from the Neude now. It is the first possibility after having unwrapped everything and put it on its place. Tonight I have to go to the Lions and will announce that I would like to join a club in Utrecht for the time being. Although I was busy with the removal I have tried to follow the news and your developments. Friday I went to Lucaya and received key number D210. I combined it to D210697:
21 June 1997. So I will try to stay on de Baak until 21 June and celebrate a second D Day in Noordwijk. Last Saturday your photograph stood in the local paper De Gelderlander in a white and green dress. Beautiful. The day before, on Friday, a Ford Fiesta with number LR-13-TD was parked next to my house. I thought of Fiesta in Leeuwarden on the 13th with Diana. So I will book the weekend of 13 July in Het Stadhouderlijk Hof. I hope you will be able to come as well. I count on you. I also read The Mirror of Thursday 29 May. I was astonished by everything around you and ETON COLLEGE. I noticed that until now communication has been very bad around you. I quote 'Personal protection officer Chief Inspector Dave Sharp challenged them (cameramen)'. I am glad that I see his name in the paper. To me it was a pleasure to meet him on 23 April. Nevertheless officials of the palace seemed to give their own interpretations of your situation. That's not good. Because you find yourself in an intensive personal change process it is very important to have your official spokesman who communicates only your opinion. I ask myself if it is necessary to be in the press every day. Our queen sometimes disappears completely without announcing where She is. Thus She protects Her own privacy and I think She is right to do so. I think you must have the same rights. I saw your face also on the front page of The Mirror of last Saturday. You are looking tired on that photograph and I am really worried about you. Take your time and your rest when you need it. Please.