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Wednesday, 4-06-1997
Yesterday we had a presentation about the Dutch Clothes Convention. It was interesting. I also decided to leave the club in Maarn and join the club Utrecht Host. I continue my review. The NRC of Friday talks about "Clinton and Blair 'new generation'". They met each other in the rose garden of 10 Downing Street about leadership in which parties have to work together instead of fighting against each other. The Volkskrant of Saturday mentions however that Mr Blair is obstructing the coming
Treaty of Amsterdam and I intend to authorize our Prime Minister to switch to the Cervantes scenario respecting the contents of my letter of 27 May to the Ministry of Justice. Finally You are the real First Lady in Britain. I also read The Mirror of Saturday page 4 and 5 and noticed that you will have your own spokesman. That is the best solution. I quote from this article 'Diana hit back with an extraordinary statement. It declared "Contrary to reports, the Princess of Wales was more than pleased that Tiggy Legge-Bourke was able to be with Prince William on Parent's Day at ETON on Wednesday. In addition, the princess would like to make it clear that, contrary to reports, she has not uttered a single word either in public or privately about this occasion".
I consider this an extremely important statement. I noticed that Yellow and Orange are going to be the fashion colours in the Netherlands this summer. It is good that they work together. Monday. It was the day of the removal and I was very active that day. Also the daily routine has changed remarkably. Circumstances have changed by living in the centre of the town now. But I remember still the new fresh air of Warwick Castle and hope to be able to come back very soon to Royal Leamington Spa.

My fax is not working at the moment, but I will send some messages to England as soon as possible. Yesterday I did not receive the paper and did not read the horoscope, but I end with the one of today. I was inclined to act rigidly towards the Government of Britain but will think things over and read the stars tomorrow. Today the Dutch football team plays in Johannesburg. I will see if Mr Mandela can be an example to me. Meanwhile receive my romantical feelings. Yours faithfully, Johannes Van der Heyden.