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Thursday, 7-08-1997
Regarding my fax message of yesterday to Canterbury I may presume that
Gaspar stayed at Sandringham at the time. He was a very good teacher at the most important Courts of Europe. It remembers me of the visit that I had to pay last year to St. Peter's Hospital because I feared to die on a heart attack. I told the nurse about my letters to the four crown princes as the final battle against international crime. 'Now it's Five to Nill' she said. I told them that they could send the bill to our Prime Minister. Shortly before (25 July) I had sent him enclosed fax message concerning 'Experiencias Holandesas'. A couple of hours later a bom exploded on Centennial Park in Atlanta. That was the reason for Mr Clinton to take inmediate measures against international crime by connecting the information of the security services all over the world. The next day (2 August) I had to come back with the boys in order to speak with a lady about an emotional problem. After that conversation we went to the Heart of London. On Piccadilly Circus I met a tall black man from Surinam. He had followed me everywhere since April 1993.
Yesterday was announced that his supposed boss in Paramaribo is going to be prosecuted by our Government. Today it is also a year ago that I visited BLENHEIM PALACE.

In the sleeping room of the Duke of Marlborough I saw your photograph. That was the first time that you appeared in my life. I never knew. You are bound home now I suppose and I hope you will receive me next week. Cancer: 'If speculations with money really gives you the creeps, then don't start with it. Your fanclub or circle of friends is extensive and everyone wishes you the best. A responsible function may be offered to you.' I may presume that Mr Nigel o'Sullivan is a good business man to look after your interest concerning the speculations with your money. In October last year I read in the Daily Mirror that he seems to be a very good investor. According to that magazine records show that he has been making more than 16 per cent a year for clients before tax. I asked my Colleague Bob Burger of the Málaca Instituto for the address of Mr o'Sullivan on that occasion in order to look for my interest when the Dutch Government is going to pay my bill. As already been stated in my letter of last 25 June to Her Majesty's Tax Collector I offer you the function of First President of the European Cervantes Foundation. Out of this foundation you can continue your charity works on a world wide scale. The commercial activities included in my plan can be handled by commercial managers. I noticed on the Oudegracht a red car (Alfa Romeo) with the number YP-98-BJ. So YP is getting into the picture next year. First I intend to start up the business with Green Paul. GP from now on in the network game. I sent a letter to GP and read the article on the Pages 1 and 5 of the Daily Mail (Dieu et Mon Droit) about Your trip to Corsica and Sardinia. Please would you be so kind to thank Mister Al Fayed for his hospitality on My Behalf. I see he is very concerned about Love. I will certainly visit his bride grooms department again within a fortnight. I may presume that the Al Fayed Family will be able to participate in Our Holding Company. But that will only be a minority stake, if they don't mind. I also saw the article in The Sun about the same subject. I don't think that you need a playboy for the rest of your life, but a real husband who loves you with his heart. Please Di. Don't be caught into a trap! That would be your end. So don't!!! You don't need him to go to Hollywood. I arranged everything already. We can visit the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful in order to save the Dignity of European Nobility! We are working on the subject. Please don't let that be interfered. So not a playboy Diana. I hope that You have that sense of responsibility. If not, then We will have a real problem. Tomorrow I'll remember that the year before I stood before the Throne of England in BUCKINGHAM PALACE and I swore a Holy Oath to myself. I worked a year on this case. Twenty four hours a day and I gave everything I've got for it. I hope You will realise that. Please let a playboy take a playgirl, but not the Queen of England. Back from El Mundo where I spoke with a gentle couple from Cuba, in Spanish. Then I went to the Neude again and took a photograph of a boy with red lighted balls. He was from Yorkshire. I asked him "How is your Duchess going on?". "Not very well", he answered. I told him: "Tell her that my door is still closed for her, if you know what I mean". I still went to the Oudaen Castle for a moment and had there a conversation in Spanish with two gentlemen from Cáceres, Extremadura, Spain. One of them was a lawyer (abogado). I explained him Our situation and he affirmed that Our rights are completely legal. I showed them your picture and told them "She will be the boss" (Ella es La Directora).