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Saturday, 16-08-1997
I already analyzed my dreams and fantasies in my Business Plan. There will be no clash at home. Because I am leaving home tomorrow and I already left a letter to a colleague of Sergeant Sharp, concerning the last limmerick on page 4 of The Sun of yesterday. It is not very civilized that limmerick, but my former friend and me have a good experience in writing limmericks and besides he has very good contacts with Scotland Yard. 'Security First' is still my main issue, although my forner friend may have thought that I had 'hallucinations' in 'April 1993' and 8 September 1996.
I may presume that you will not be very charmed by a new romance at the moment as you decided to wait with marrying again after your bad experiences. But nevertheless I think it will be wise to start the joint venture with me and one can ever see what comes next. So: Business First. That will give you rest and can not be interfered by no one. Also Peter received a letter concerning the described limmerick. Form Harrods I received enclosed letter. I reacted with the following fax message: Confirmation. I read The European, The Sun and The Mirror and notice that your problem is getting bigger and bigger. I am still prepared to help you out of this problem. There is no horoscope in The Mirror today, so read The Sun. Scorpio: 'Don't let anyone cramp your style because Monday's full moon has to provide some reassurance - the kind money cannot buy. In the meantime, it's a matter of being self-sufficient because both friends and family members are bound to be rather self-absorbed.' Cancer: 'This weekend will begin on an encouraging note and you may receive a terrific offer, though you are half-tempted to turn it down. Believe it or not, this time it seems someone does have your best interests at heart, no matter how manipulative they are.' The offer is the jet that Mr Al Fayed lended you. But to be honest I think that you are abused again. This afternoon I also sent a fax message to Mr Henk Maas with the request to start up the business here and told him my



I have your best interest at heart. With Love, JOHN VAN DER HEYDEN.

- 'Projectprofiel 40308' of 'nebib', date 12-08-1997
- Letter from Harrods Knightsbridge dated 13 August 1997