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Dear Elizabeth,

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas time. In England I revealed the Secret of Christmas. Here we go.

Monday, 22 December 1997

Schiphol Airport Amsterdam

10.40 I start with the message that I received yesterday in Castle Maurick in Vught.

If there is righteousness in the Heart
There will be beauty in the Character
If there is beauty in the Character
There will be harmony in the Home
If there is harmony in the Home
There will be order in the Nation
If there is order in the Nation
There will be peace in the World

Coming Together Is a Beginning
Keeping Together Is Progress
Working Together Is Success!

De ups and downs van de familierelaties heb ik besproken met de medewerkster van de incheckbalie van British Midland. Ik schrijf nu vanuit gate D8.

Ik trof mijn goede vriend THE KINGMAKER nog aan. Hij vertrekt nu naar San Francisco.

14.00 Greenwhich Time: Letters for Her Royal Majesty the Queen with the text:

"London, 22 December 1997. Dear Majesty, Back in Kensington for the fourth time since I lighted my Candle in the Wind on the First of August last year first of all I would like to thank You for the warm hearted Christmas Greetings that I received from You and Prince Philip.

I will stay in London till 26 December. On Christmas Day I will visit King's College in Cambridge, Althorp and Warwick. As my Christmas Present to You I can tell You that I recently sent a letter to Mr Mohamed Al Fayed to desencourage an Egyptian lawyer who would lay a claim on You because You would not approve a marriage between My Lady and Our potential financer from Egypt because I proposed to Diana already on the 28 of December last year as you can read in these letters. I hope You and Your Family will have some Wonderful Christmas Days at Sandringham. Yours sincerely, John L. Van der Heyden, Kensington London, United Kingdom." Delivered at 14.50 at BUCKINGHAM PALACE. Will be delivered at Sandringham before Christmas. 16.40 Letters delivered at KENSINGTON PALACE. The lady recognized me already. I offered her My hand but she wanted The Letters. So education is still very important in and around the English Royal Palaces. But she promised to give the letters to The Office of Diana and wished me very kindly a wonderful stay in the United Kingdom. Then I went to the house of the Prime Minister. 16.50 Underground naar Westminster. De etalage van Source naast KP was versierd in de kleuren Paars en Rood. 17.10 Letters (nr 3) delivered at 10 Downing Street. 17.50 Deep Pan Pizza Charing Cross where I delivered statue of a knight in April of this year. In The Sun van vrijdag zag ik een artikel met de titel Diana, My Deep Feelings for Dodi. Ze hebben hier dus nog niets geleerd. Althans niet degenen die de strategie van The Sun bepalen. Diana had op de eerste plaats een verantwoordelijkheid voor de Kroonprins. Heel verstandig van jou om niet over je gevoel te praten. Ze had nog "a lot" van je kunnen leren. 19.00 The Leicester Arms. Here I wrote the card to My Fifth Rose on last Queen's Day 30.4.1997. Here I revealed My Secret to the bar girl in the lounge upstairs and had a Bitter of course.

Courage Directors
Because of the Purple Label

I left here my Christmas Card which was very well appreciated.

Then I went to look for the pillar box where I posted my card in Regent Street. It had vanished away. So I entered into the Café Royal. There I gave my Christmas Card to Fitz from America. I told him everything about my secret plan that went well untill Dodi Fayed came along and that became fatal. He took notice of my official papers. Finally I have the coat of arms of the British Royal Family on my Certificate of Incorporation.

I include in this letter the article on page 2 an 3 of today in 'The Express': Look after Wills and Harry. Queen's plea to grandson Peter. The article contains the photograph that I used for the European Cervantes Foundation to be established, as I promised to Diana. I think I did exactly the right things today.