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Concerns: Report 37 Reference: JH/CS970908 Utrecht, 8 September 1997 Dear Charles, I am so free to direct this letter by Your forename because during the last year Diana had become the most important person in my life. I had a secret plan to start a new Family Company. She has not had the occasion to react to my proposal in a written letter, but regarding the feedback signals that I received I knew that She was positive. I had a special communication training to set up our secret plan, because no one could be involved before all preparations would be ready and I saw what She was doing. Everything according to my advises in my weekly reports that I sent Her from the moment that She had invited me for Christmas. This letter had to become 'Report 37 PJ/RD970908'. 'PJ/RD' is the code for 'Purple John/Red Diana'.

Around this time I was expecting Her definitive answer to my proposal as I agreed with the bodyguard of Prince William at ETON COLLEGE. I would appreciate to continue this correspondence in Diana's spirit with You in order to continue Her 'Quixotic Quest' and ask You to read all the letters that I wrote to Her until now. The purpose of the correspondence was to start a new Dutch-British Family Company Van der Heyden/Spencer as from next 28 September. In order to communicate with Her I made use of the Dutch and English horoscopes Cancer and Scorpio because I knew that Diana believed in astrology. That was our guideline because She could not react personally of course before everything would be arranged. Therefore I wrote the letters and saw Her reactions in the press. The most important reaction was that Purple and Red turned out to be Her favourite colour combination. As She could impossibly use official letters from KENSINGTON PALACE on this issue at the time I know that She had to use secret communication means in this process as She was accostumed to during great part of Her life. An example is a golden Mercedes S280 with license number NBL9 that I found on my way in Henley-upon-Thames on last 24 April after I had delegated my authorities in Britain to Her.

It meant to me that I had to go back to the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg until 28 09 (28 September). That was my hidden agenda that I communicated to Her. The fatal accident in Paris made an end to my plans with Her. I was determined to marry Her and to come and live in KENSINGTON PALACE to help Her with the education of Her children and starting new activities together within a legal framework. Your speech of last Saturday in Westminster Abbey has impressed me and I agreed completely with all Your words. Regarding the problems in British Monarchy I always predicted that once a Spencer would become the King of England. You showed Yourself King of England already and for the rest of your life You can count on my complete support. In consideration with the British Embassy last Thursday I decided not to come to Westminster Abbey last Saturday because of security reasons that I already had taken during my visit to England from last 17 till 30 April. It would have been a great honour to occupy again seat number one at Westminster Abbey like I did on the Evensong of last 20 April. But I have to express my greatest gratefulness for the way how ELTON JOHN expressed my feelings in his song Candle in the wind. Today it is exactly a year ago that there appeared an Angel on the Bridge behind my house, which is now in heaven. She was My Fifth Rose. The candle that I lighted on 1 August last year in Canterbury Cathedral was for Her. I agree with Your remarks about the responsibility for the death of Diana, but I will add something more. Formally and legally Mister Mohamed Al Fayed has the greatest responsibility for the death of Diana and his own son as the owner of the Ritz Hotel in Paris that provided them a drunk driver that damaged My and Diana's future organization in a way that can not be expressed in figures. He is in great debt from now on. I read that he plans to auction the estate of the Dukes of Windsor in the Bois de Boulogne in Paris and hope that the revenues - estimated 40 million pounds - this time will go to the Diana Fund and my Cervantes Foundation. I authorized Diana legally to act on my behalf in the United Kingdom. Formally You are entitled to take over Her responsibilities within my Cervantes Plan that is also in the hands of Your Prime Minister. I trust in Your collaboration parting from the idea that Love is a Two Way Street. The plan is also in hands of Business Adviser Mr T. Cottrell of NatWest Kensington Royal Garden Branche, 55 Kensington High Street, London W8 52 G. I left it there last 21 April to give Diana the occasion to open a joint account.

I herewith authorise You to act on Her and My behalf in this matter. I also authorized My old colleague Mrs Elizabeth Halbertsma, Statutary Director of the Management Centre VNO-NCW in Noordwijk. In former times She has been living during a year in Henley-upon-Thames having had there a horse dressage training. She was my Favourite Number Two after Diana. Herewith You find the floppy disks with the texts of the 66 letters that I sent to Diana, Princess of Wales My Angel on the Bridge. The floppies contain also my Business Plan. On the day of Diana's funeral I placed enclosed announcement that I translate into English:

'After a failed attempt to establish a relationship with an English princess now I am looking for a loving girlfriend - preferently wealthy - in order to set up together a new organization to offer a job to Dutch and English speaking people with knowledge of Spanish. I live in Utrecht and have the age of 49 years.'

Yesterday I made a renewed visit to King Arthur's Pub here and did some revelations. England and Holland are very close. You will undoubtedly have found that in Cape Town. The city 'Par Excellence' of the good companionship of Dutch and English Culture. Today I read the papers. What had to be said has been said. What had to be done has been done. Again a New Start has to begin. From now on I hope to count on Your indispensable support in every way and perhaps my company can still become a Family Company. Your Brother in Arms, JOHN VAN DER HEYDEN INSTITUTO CERVANTES Wales, England, Luxemburg, Belgium and The Netherlands.

Enclosed: 'Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales' on floppy disks (in 'ClarisWorks', MacIntosh) and Announcement in NRC Handelsblad page 45, 6-09-1997 P.S. Although She is dead and burried I love Her still. After a study of Her life during a year I identified myself completely with Her in the most sincere way You may imagine.